Thomas’s Story

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My brother Tom has been sick with Hepatitus C for about 20 years. It is really taking a toll on his body. He has neuropathy in his feet and up to his knees. He has a hard time getting around but he is managing. Also they found a tumor in his colon. They removed 7 inches but need to go back in and remove the rest. The doctors are not sure how much more is there but more than they thought and had a hard time stopping the bleeding. His liver is also failing and needs to get on a donor list. He is unable to take pain medication because of the liver condition so he is in constant pain. Also since he has been having to go the the doctor and not feeling up to par his hours at work have been cut back. We are trying to get him on social security but nothing has hapened yet with that. I am planning a benefit for him on Friday Dec 16 from 6-9pm at the Delano Legion. If you know how to have a benefit I need your advice. Also I will be mailing out flyers. Also if your parents are not on facebook please tell them about Tom. Any one wanting to donate something for a silent auction or send Tom anything before this benefit please message me and I will give you my address. He is in need of cash to pay the few bills and gift cards, gas cards or food and maybe warm clothing for the winter. I will let you about the liver transplant(still waiting for an appt and the out come of his second surgery on Nov 17). Thank you for all your help he will appreciate it and so will I.