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  • Written Dec 12, 2011 2:12pm by Carol Sanko Cantin

    Hi Everyone,


    I took Tom for another round do deal with his tumor. They actually were able to remove the whole tumor this time around. He needs to schedule a follow up visit but that was great news today. Hope fully with the tumor removed he will be able to get strength back and feel a little better.


    Have a great week.

  • Written Dec 7, 2011 9:07am by Carol Sanko Cantin

    There will be an article printed about Tom in the Delano Herald Journal. It will be in the Monday Dec 12 edition. We have received many items from the business's of Delano and Family and Friends. Thank you everyone who is contributing. Can't wait for this night. What ever we collect will be helpful and a night of seeing friends and family will lift everyone's spirits.

    Merry Christmas!!

    Thanks Again.



  • Written Dec 2, 2011 8:51am by Michelle Sanko

    Hi Everyone,
    Had a productive day yesterday. I took Tom to Liver Dr. They had wanted him to start the medication to drop his virus level not realizing he still has the tumor in his colon so he needs to wait until that is removed and to see if he needs radiation and or chemo. The drugs he will be on are interferon(terrible side effects),victrellis and ribavirin. He has type 1A and the virus is at a level of 1.7 million. Don't know exactly what this means except he is very sick with this disease. Also this type is very hard to treat. He does have sirrosis. Also he may still be able to get the ss disability benefits they sent him another letter asking for more infor. We have ALOT of donations. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE!!!

    Tom talks a lot when we are driving. He does not want to give up this fight. He feels like crap everyday but is determined to cure this. I hope it works but he is very ill and don't know if anything will help. So letting him know we want to help is putting a smile on his face. When I first started seeing him he seemed super sad. Now that he knows we all care and want to help has changed his mood and he seems happier. So that is good for his spirits. I know he is scared he may die before he is ready and is going to fight until the end.

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