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Thomas’s Story

We appreciate your support and words of encouragement during this time when it matters most. Click here for our first journal entry and to read about the accident.

Hi there. I've told this story so many times over the last two days that the words are flying out of my fingers and onto this computer faster than I am thinking them.  

Saturday January 5th, Tom left after lunch to ride snowmobile a little bit; he was going to visit a friend just outside of town.  Around 3pm he had still not returned and he had not sent any messages or called. This was VERY unusual for Tom and I was worried.  Normally he'll be out for 30-45 minutes and always, ALWAYS sends me random text messages. I called friends that Tom sometimes rides with to ask if he had been by.  I hopped online to see if he used our checkcard anywhere; maybe he stopped for something to eat or there would be another clue.  At 4:30pm there was a loud knock at the door.  My stomach dropped.  I knew it would not be good.  I knew it.  The county sheriff told me that Tom was in an accident and was to be air lifted to HCMC.

Fear, panic, adrenaline... 

After seeing the ER doctors we knew that Tom had a brain hemorrhage, cracked vertebrae in his back, a dislocated and broken right wrist, a knee with a severe puncture wound, broken knee cap and severed tendon, and facial lacerations.  Over the next day we also learned that his eye socket has fractures and his left elbow is broken. And there may be more damage to be found.  The main concern right now is Tom's brain.  A team of Neuro Dr's are monitoring his bleeding and swelling and check often to see how cognizant he is.

Between the pain meds and the concussion, Tom has been a little (and sometimes a lot)  out of it, but as the hours and days pass his answers are making more sense and we have seen bits of his personality and sense of humor shine through.  

Today, Monday, the main concern is still his brain bleed, swelling and a new development, brain tremors called vasospasm.

Please read the journal for up-to-date entries from both Melanie and I.


Latest Journal Update


I am so happy to write that Tom is back to work!

Monday he was back at HCMC for a wrist followup, Tuesday he had an appointment with his local Dr for a Return to Work note, and Wednesday he was back at Seneca.

Ten hours on the clock yesterday left him pretty beat. And I'm sure he'll be sore today, tomorrow and even Sunday. But what a good feeling!

(PS, I am beyond equally excited about his return to work. I've seen him wear jeans two days in a row now. After 5 months of gym shorts and track pants, THAT is exciting and attractive news! haha)

We are so thankful for everyone's support during this life-changing ordeal. We are blessed that Tom was able to make such a nearly complete recovery. We are amazed and grateful that Seneca held his position for him all these months.

So much to appreciate.

Thanks everyone.  WE LOVE YOU.