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Mar 3, 2012 8:47pm

Holding our girls

Holding our girls

Photo Comments


8 Replies

Pauline Ellis
a wonderful photo. You are both glowing with happiness.
what day were they born? I missed seeing that ?
Jamie Lennox
Shellie,You may not remember me. I taught Title 1 Math @ BHCS years ago. Your family is in my prayers. The girls are beautiful. God Bless you all.
lee marsh
Praying for you all in Alex Bay. God Bless!
Terry Compo
CONGRATULATIONS!! What a beautiful picture! Shellie you are just glowing! Good job Shellie and Greg!
Donna La Vack
Sending prayers from Fort Pierce, FL Love to all
Liz Reeves
What a great picture!!! Praying for you from Texas!
Dianna McCarty
Beautiful. You two look so happy. I am happy for you too. Good luck to the girls and thanks for sharing your story with us all. May God bless you.