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Mar 2, 2012 5:54pm

Photo Comments



Lori McCleskey
Beautiful daughters you have been blessed with. Praying all things will go well for you.
Linda Glover
God Bless you and your beautiful little girls as they are certainly a gift from God. Thank you for sharing your story, and theirs, with us.
Crystal Sizemore
Such a blessing from God! Be thankful everyday, prayers will be sent.

Crystal (Norfolk, NY)
Phenix City, AL
John and Shirla Schunke
Thank God for your little miricles. God Bless and Prayers your way. God is Good! They are beautiful.

The Schunkes (Rodman,NY)
John and Shirla
Lee Ellen Larkin
They are beautiful little girls. A gift from god, such little angels. My prayers to you and yours

God Bless your family
Lee Ellen Larkin
Adams Center