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Amelia and Allison’s Story

I started this site for our twin girls Amelia and Allison. Amelia and Allison are conjoined twins connected at the chest, due April 5, 2012. Due to their condition, the girls are scheduled for a csection at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, PA, March 1st. This puts the girls at 35 weeks. The girls are expected to be in the hospital 6-12 months.

This site was made to help our family and friends from all over keep track of the girls' story and progress once the girls are born. We will keep the site updated as much as possible and you can write us messages in our guestbook. We will be staying in Philadelphia, PA for awhile so messages from home will be nice! Thank you!

Latest Journal Update

Things change quickly

We were so happy and blessed to go to Philadelphia and be told the girls were cleared for a year. However things change and can alter all plans. Amelia has to have surgery.

Back in April we found one night Amelia had a hernia. No big deal really Allison has one too. Amelia's however popped up fast. We kept an eye on it and doctors saw it and noted it. We were still okay for a year. Then the hernia started to change. It became very red and the red spot got bigger. Last week I sent a pic to the surgeon because I'm that nervous kind of mom. He said it was in need of being repaired and soon. The next day we were told Amelia would have hernia repair surgery July 1. He would have to use mesh again. We weren't told much other details yet. We leave June 29.

For me I'm nervous. Amelia had trouble before with her lungs and while she most likely will be fine, I have the what ifs in my head. I try to pray and relax but reality sets in and I'm a tad bit nervous. All I ask is keep all of us in your thoughts and prayers July 1. Thank you.
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Liz Reeves
By Liz Reeves
What's the latest??
Jill Ose
By Bill & Jill Ose
You are certainly all in our prayers.....and that will continue as your journey continues. God will take care of Amelia.
Eleanor Herzig
We surely will keep you all in our thoughts and prayers. We hope and pray that all will go well with Amelia's surgery, and that you will have a safe trip there and back home. May God be with you all.

Ron and Eleanor Herzig
Mary (Kehoe) Izzo
By Mary (Kehoe) Izzo
PRAYERS are with you
maryann o'rourke
Keeping your family in our prayers especially Amelia. Sending love & prayers.
Stacey Stover-Margut
By Stacey Margut
Keeping Amelia and your family in prayer!!!
Christina Scott
By Christina Scott
Praying for Amelia. Hang in there.
Jennifer Waters
By Jennifer Waters
Keepin her in prayer