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Gary’s Story

My story began last Thursday, May 20th when I wasn't feeling myself and a little confused with daily endeavors. I was forgetting things, repeating questions and tired all the time. I went to the doctor on Friday, May 21st for a checkup of something completely unrelated to my situation now. After conversation, the doctor ordered an MRI to see why I was feeling "out of it". The MRI showed on Friday that four small tumors were found on my brain. They are located on the back, left side of my head. We were shocked of this news but took immediate action and called Duke medical center for guidance. The head doctor was going to be returning to Duke on Thursday so we were going to wait until then to leave. On Saturday, May 22nd, I was spending time with my family and went to church that evening. My pastor, the elders, family and friends laid hands on me and prayed for me. I was filled with emotion and I felt the presence of God. I was also still feeling out of sorts and fuzzy. My wife Sandy decided that we should leave for Duke the next day instead because things were changing and it was getting scary. On Sunday, May 23rd, my wife Sandy, my daughter Kimmy and I left on a flight to Duke in Durham. We knew we were about to start our journey at Duke the next day. Please follow me and my family through my daughter's journals starting from the first day at Duke medical center.