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Teresa’s Story

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I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 28 on March 15, 1996, a day I have celebrated annually as "Life Day". I was in the highly curable percent of patients. I got a lumpectomy and radiation and escaped the ugly cancer treatments including chemotherapy.
In November 1997, I was suffering from a ton of back pain, that turned out to be bone metastasis. I had several months of Taxotere and then went into the hospital for a planned procedure called stem cell rescue with high dose chemotherapy. It is not standard of care for my cancer any longer, but at the time was the most aggressive I could be, and so we chose it. I enjoyed more than 5 lovely years of remission. I never thought it would end.

The story for me gets fuzzy after that. Bone metastasis continued to new areas of the spine, and several radiation treatments for the last 3 years have been completed to different parts of my skeleton, now totaling 5. Hormonal therapy with pills changed over to chemotherapy with pills, xeloda which kept me quiet for nearly two years. This brings me to my most recent encounter with intravenous chemotherapy. I have new metastasis to the liver since November 2006, and my bone pain had worsened to a point of prohibiting walking. I am now getting intravenous taxol this was given weekly for about 12 weeks and the response was very good as the liver tumors actually got smaller. I have had another improving scan since then, and am now on an every other week schedule of the taxol. The decrease has improved my day to day functioning by elimnating some of the chemo side effects. I have plans to return to my job as an APN in a part time position starting in July 2007.

Back home and off work again with complications of liver disease including ascites (fluid in the belly) and lymphedema to right leg. I am having malnutrition problems and nausea off and on. Chemo treatments continue and cancer is under control for now. Taxol has been changed to Gemzar that I get every other week.