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Long waits in consultation rooms tend to be directly proportional to bad results.

We waited extra long today.

Disconcertingly long.

Lots of time to wishing we could make it all better.

But knowing we cannot.

This time the long wait produced some good news.

Another three months of breathing room.

Though it has swollen from six weeks of daily radiation therapy back in March, we’re confident that it hasn’t grown.

Sine then, it’s been an uphill battle against nausea, not much appetite, significant weight loss and little energy at times.

Yet in Teddy fashion, he doesn’t know the meaning of living small.

It’s all so large and outrageous.

Bringing such great joy and laughter to our family.

Back on the ranch, juicy burgers are in; and Fettuccine Alfredo is surprisingly out…keeping in sync with “what sounds good” these days.

Summer thunder storms split the sky and turn dust to mud.

Brown to green.

Hot to cool.

Mule deer run thick in the ponderosa pines with their tiny shadows...sets of spotted twins and even triplets.

Gobbling turkeys and their flocks of little ones scatter in the dark scrub oak.

Mamas and their babies all over the place.

New beginnings.

The buck in their velvet seem to keep their distance in groups.

Each vying for the top spot in the pack.

The scruffy, spindly ones will never stand a chance.

And then there’s Henri, the cow pug, never quite coming to grips with his lowly (yet adored) stature in the Rodd household. Recently he spotted a mama cow elk and her baby way off in the valley below, all the way from our terrace high up on the hillside.

Still hard to believe the dog can see through such bobbling eyes; not to mention that he can smell through his smashed nose.

After all, he is “second hand” according to Teddy.

Rescued from the humane society way back when the cancer raised its ugly head.

God’s ever present grace in the midst…

Steve, Teddy’s Dad

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Esther Graham
By Esther and Bob Graham
Dear Steve and family,
We've been praying daily for a miracle for Teddy. We would like to know if there is any update since the July post. Hanging in there with you,
Karen Schelhaas
By Karen Schelhaas
I continue to pray for Teddy and for your whole family. Much love to all of you.
Hubault Fred
By Fred
Nous continuons de prier pour vous
God Bless U
Clyde Taber
By Clyde Taber
Also grateful for the breathing room.
Mary Petersen
By Mary Petersen
Just catching up with this recent report today. Glad you had some good news. I'm sorry to hear Teddy's appetite is off, etc. Sadness for the long marathon of repetitive cycles of hope, waiting, fear, news, hope, waiting, fear, news. Love you guys all tons.
Colin Maiorano
By Colin Maiorano
thinking about you this morning and offering up prayers.
Sandra Tullier
By sandra tullier
Thank you for the positive update.

Happy, happy, happy for this Hope. HE is our only hope! Love, laughter, life! ❤️
Esther Graham
By Esther and Bob Graham
Thank you for the medical report of the Sustainer's hand at work but also for the glimpse into the Creator's hand in the natural surroundings that you experience. We will continue to pray for a miracle of complete physical healing. Will this three months be freedom from radiation?
Nyra Wise
By Nyra Wise
Praying continues for healing and appetite Teddy. Lots of hot fudge sundaes sound pretty good to me....but I am admitted chocoholic. I am praying that each of you will have continued strength, energy, and laughter.
Denny and Linda Morse
Thankful for the good report and thankful for your continued trust in our great God. We know it has to be hard to see the negative side effects in Teddy's body, but we thank God for your positive, awesome updates and ask Him to be everything your hearts need during this time. Your family is tremendous in the midst of hard things. We know it is God In You. Continuing to lift you all up. Denny and Linda Morse, Psalm 68:19