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Teddy's in the brain scan right now. Will get the results today around 1PM MST.

Hoping and praying...
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Marg Van Wyk
By Marg Van Wyk
Waiting to hear and praying for good results.... So much love coming your way....
Sarah Berriman
Teddy and your family are in our prayers continually. We won't stop!
Love you,
Sarah, Dave, Joanna, and Emily
Esther Graham
By Esther and Bob Graham
We've been praying almost daily for total reversal of all cancer for Teddy.
gina teodorescu
By Gina teodorescu
Praying with you!
may oles
By may oles
Gazing off my deck to the mountains ....pleading... praying....waiting with you....
Ruth Ann Lewis
By Ruth Ann Lewis
Praying with you all....
Ruth Ann Lewis
By Ruth Ann Lewis
Praying with you all....
Dirk Cameron
By Dirk Cameron
Angela Minerich
By Angela, Shane, Lukas and Curtis
Angela, Shane and Lukas Minerich and Curtis Sallinger are thinking and praying for you today Teddy!
Carol Griffin
By Carol
All of us in Midland, TX are praying with you...