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Teddy got his snowflakes today.

Kissing his rosy cheeks.

He and mom braved the snowy mountain passes to come home.

Home sick.

We’ve all been homesick.

Those who left.

We who stayed behind.

Sticking to our eyelashes.

Cuddly warm…nice not to sleep alone tonight.

The north side of our hill has just enough snow for sledding.

He and cousin Caleb braved the slush, mud and trees to make their new sleds fly the gap jump.

Two weeks of radiation down.

They screw his head, neck and torso to a cool, metal table.

Can barely breath or move a slight.

Kind technicians, yet our kid gets bolted into that black, unbending slate.

Every day.

They always ask, “How you doing Teddy?”

His thumb pops confident, upright, “Smells funny and tingly all over.”

The nausea beat him and mom down the first week.

Stayed ahead of it the second week.

Thankful for the meds.

Back on the ranch, Henri, the cow pug, has been prancing unabashedly around the kitchen in his polka dotted tutu. Yes, rather embarrassing, yet he doesn’t give a care in this wintry world. He’s just happy that we’re all home in front of the wood stove…like it ought to be.

Our bubble-eyed wonder now snores contentedly.

Head resting on Laurel’s lap.

Tonight’s menu?

Wild caught cod, fried potatoes and sweet cabbage…and of course a full bodied Cotes du Rhone.

Teddy was born near the mouth of the Rhone river in Southern France on 9/9/99.

Four weeks to go…