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“The ring of power, it’s gone!” Teddy holds up a bloody nub, gooeyness drooling down what’s left of his finger.

We’re a captive audience.

Slithering and seething, “They stole it. My…precious.” Orange-yellow flames lick the glass door of our wood stove casting shadow over our very own Gollum.

He’d been sticking his fingers in Laurel’s, fancy-red candles.

They’re no longer fancy.

The wax is warm and mushy from our candle light dinner. Allie and I dance to a mélange of wispy violin and euro-bee-bop techno.

Minutes later, the kid’s side-stepp’in again into our range of vision with an, inmate-like license plate held firmly against his chest. In steely pirate grin, “Umm…I just broke out of some big-city prison…umm somewhere really important. Watch out, peoples. I’m scary…a very scary person. You should be very scared of me. Okay, I’m gonna go now.”

Exit stage left.

As usual, we’re caught up in that hilarious moment. One that only Teddy seems to spontaneously provide.

Of course we burst into stitches of smiles and laughter until it hurts.

That was last night.

They took off this morning for Children’s.

Tomorrow’s menu?

Meet with the radiation therapist.

Make sure the radiation mask still fits.

Another brain scan for the therapy baseline.

One last round of chemo for good measure, and another Neuro exam with our team of oncologists.

Then check out some longer term lodging options…

…and of course all topped off with Fettuccine Alfredo at one of his favorite local, Italian joints.

Hopefully back home on Friday for a week. Then back up for the six-week sprint.

Laurel just texted. They made it fine. Good.

I’m listening to Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1 in G; a far cry from the danc’in violin techno.

Soothing, but rather quiet.

Maybe too quiet…