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“Hey Teddy, do you still have the red dots?”

Bursting blood vessels.

He’s on his way outside to configure a home-made critter trap comprised of string, PVC pipe and an assortment of junk.

“Nope, they’re all gone. Allie checked me out.” The platelet transfusion seemed to do the trick.

In kid fashion, he bounced back quickly and left Laurel and I in the dust.

Wish we could bounce back with such vigor.

Hard to do that though when we’re planning for what’s around the corner.

We head back up the Gun Barrel for Children’s in Denver first thing tomorrow morning. We’ll know then if the eighteen month chemo marathon and platelet transfusions are working; or if we need to sprint to the next and seemingly last option.

In the mean time, he just needs to be careful not to hit his head or endure any kind of blunt trauma.

So no skiing downhill backwards on black diamond runs, air soft wars with zero protection or jumping and spinning on the trampoline until he and cousin Caleb apparently pass out.

All on hold until the blood counts rebound.

A rather boring existence according to our long haired, living-in-the moment and loving-life fighter.

Tonight’s menu?

Savory and sweet Crepes.

First course…

Sautéed red and yellow peppers, and mushrooms in white wine accompanied by a creamy goat cheese.

Second course…

Christmas leftover thick ham slices, eggs and mozzarella cheese.

Third course…

Nutella. More Nutella. A whole lot more Nutella; and a hint of fresh fruit. Teddy says it’s our New Year’s Eve tradition.

Once again we’re overwhelmed by your love, support and prayers of encouragement.

We’ve been able to purchase a rather sturdy, four-wheel-drive vehicle for our Teddy trips through the snowy mountain passes…all the way to Children’s.

Just in time for tomorrow morning’s excursion up the Gun Barrel.

Laurel may or may not let me drive it.

We wish to you and your family much of God’s grace and peace in this New Year of 2014…