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Teddy was diagnosed with a malignant tumor in his spinal column and lower brain on Jan 12, 2010. Since then he's braved neurosurgery, paralysis, multiple recurrences, two-and-a-half years of weekly chemo, daily radiation...and always wondering what’s lurking deep down inside.

Despite all this, he continues to fill our home with laughter, joy...and in Teddy fashion, always keeps us guessing what he's gonna do next...


Teddy Rodd posted a new journal entry, "LIVING LARGE".

Long waits in consultation rooms tend to be directly proportional to bad results.We waited extra long today.Disconcertingly long.Lots of time to wishing we could make it ... Read more

Brenda Cavazos signed Teddy's Guestbook.

You have been in our thoughts and prayers. Think how cool it is that God whispers our name to people to have them pray for us. What a loving God.  Hope you are doing well ... Read more

Sandra Tullier signed Teddy's Guestbook.

Praying God will continue to heal your body and that your smile and attitude continues to bless others. Jesus is our only hope! Sandra Tullier ❤️ Read more

Kim Allan signed Teddy's Guestbook.

Agonizing with you in that long wait......unimaginable to be in your shoes. Amanda asking, "have you heard from Uncle Steven yet?" As it approaches 6:00 yesterday evening. ... Read more

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Teddy Rodd posted a new journal entry, "BACK TO CHILDREN'S".

Teddy's in the brain scan right now. Will get the results today around 1PM MST.Hoping and praying... Read more

Joy Imel signed Teddy's Guestbook.

Just stopped by Caring Bridge as I was thinking of "Born Ready" Teddy and all of you today.  Seeing or hearing Laure's voice on the phone at AHS, I've wanted to say or ... Read more

Sandra Tullier signed Teddy's Guestbook.

What a journey Teddy and the family has had: the hospital, tests, the chemo, the radiation, the MRIs, surgery. It's so comforting to have family and loved ones and ... Read more

Debi Howey signed Teddy's Guestbook.

We are praising and thanking God for THIS time ... trusting it to be the 'finish line' for Teddy... We enjoyed seeing your "Grama Green" in Asheville this weekend! Read more

Grama Green signed Teddy's Guestbook.

Yeah Nano, you made it mountain biking; yeah Allie, you made it to Malawi and yeah Teddy, you made it through radiation! Wow--what grandkids we have! So thankful they are ... Read more

Michelle Thompson signed Teddy's Guestbook.

It is so amazing and beautiful to hear how fiercely independent the children have become!  Time passes much too quickly, doesn't it? Read more

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