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Tay’s Story

August of 09, Tay was diag.with a rare form of Renal Cell Carcinoma (RCC Cancer) On Dec.29th the scans showed the cancer had spread to the right lung, it is BACK as of Feb.2012 Tay now has 23 tumors in her lungs & a spot on her spine and NEW 1 on her heart! No surgeries! She has ADVANCED RENAL CELL CARCINOMA PAPILLARY TYPE 2 & it is a terminal cancer! .She passed Sept. 5 2012 at 12:54 pm!
"I will NOT let the FEAR of cancer STRIKE me out"
She has an Illness acct. at any Suntrust Bank."PRAY 4 TAY"

On July 31st Tay Tay was in Illinois for ASA softball Nationals and the night of her last game she went to dinner and after dinner she began throwing up.We thought she may have had food poisoning yet continued to throw up. So she arrived back in Nashville Sunday at 3:40 am and when i got her home she continued to throw up well into Sunday.At that point I noticed she was running a 100.6 temp. I got her up Monday morning and while getting ready I heard her throwing up more And knew I had to get her to her dr. quick She had nothing in her body to throw up the way she was.
 On the way JD her dad called me and said he just got off the phone with his friend Jason and he mentioned it could be her appendix. His friends son was having the same symptons. so have the Dr. check her.
We arrive at the Dr. office and he was checking her appendix and no pain there but as he examined her higher the pain was more up in her right rib cage. This caused him concern and they did a blood test.Well it came back and her white cells were high!
He sent us to MDI for 2 scans to be done on her appendix. While Becky (I like to refer to her as Tay's ANGEL IN SCRUBS) putting the meds in her arm she mentioned that Tay seemed a little dehydrated and I explained her symptons.She asked me to come to the room with her while the exam was going on.She asked if TayTay had been using the bathroom much and I explained some... at that point she asked if she could do a scan on her kidneys and I said yes.
 She asked us to wait outside and we would here something shortly an hr later they bring me the disc and tell us our Dr. was waiting on us. When he came in he told me it is not her appendix and then I seenthe look on his face change and tell me he was so sorry but Tay Tay has a form of CANCER and we need to go home now and pack and they were waiting on us at Vanderbilt. I new I needed to be brave and strong for her I asked is it a treatable cancer and he said yes but.l can handle that and what ever we were about to face! 
We arrived at Vanderbilt and met with her now onocologist and he told us she has a tumor on her right kidney the size of a 'SOFTBALL" and the kidney needs to go.Tay Tay NEVER once showed FEAR and remained very STRONG! They explained to her that she would go into surgery the next day.
Aug. 4th was surgery day and they asked her what are your 3 things you want?
1st tumor to be out.
2nd not feel any pain
3rd to still be able to play her sports again
Surgery began at 12:05pm and was expected to last only 3 hrs.. we then get a call 2hrs into it that the tumor had attached itself to the liver.
And all we could do was PRAY. ''SHE NEEDED THE POWER OF PRAYERS"!!!
Finally around 5pm the surgeon came in to talk to us.
He said we knew she had a tumor the size of a softball but she actually had a tumor the size of 2 softballs and it was  now spreading into her capsules and organs. He said he has never seen nor has it been heard of in a child he said it was not was Renal Cell Carcinoma...and is found only in 50 yr old adults. He said she has only had it about 4 to 6 months and it was spreading quickly and now we need her margins to come back negative. If not other treatment will be needed.
He said she did amazing in surgery !!!!
The next day her surgeon came and found me and said margins were negative and she may be the one to just beat this . All i could do was thank him and felt grateful for him.:)
She was then scheduled for a chest scan and bone scan  and both came back negative.We were thrilled. Her nurses and Dr.s were amazed by her STRENGTH.
Her blood pressure did spike a few times but seems to be doing well.
Ironically she said to me the Monday we were leaving ."Mom  we are leaving a week later the same day and time we were arriving the week prior." Mom we did it..we made it through" And holding the tears back i said YES WE DID..YOU ARE AMAZING.
I read a post she made and it said Taylor Filorimo is a CANCER SURVIVOR and she thanked everybody for their prayers it helped her so much and her family. And her mood was "STRONG and BRAVE" !! And all i could think of is this 13 yr old young lady gets what she has just been through!
She says she is healing 1 hr at a time!! And we are living in the moment of being cancer free...
We go see her surgeon Aug. 25th. at 9:35 am.
Then every 2 months she will need scans.
She has signed off for research to study her tumor and kidney because of the rareity of it. 
 She is such an inspiration and I can not ever thank all of you enough for the visits and SMILES you put on her face and 'THE POWER OF PRAYER" is amazing and she will continue to need them.
This has been very hard for Skylar,  Tay's  sister. She worries so much about her big sister and is trying to be strong for her.
We will continue to keep you posted on her journey!!!  

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