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Taylor’s Story

Taylor was diagnosed with colon cancer in early 2011 when she was only 14 years old.  She had surgery to remove a portion of her colon, followed by 12 rounds of chemotherapy and a surgical procedure called HIPEC at MD Anderson hospital in Houston, TX.

The cancer returned in September of 2012 in an aggressive way.  Two large masses were discovered in her abdomen which turned out later to be her ovaries.  She had an additional 12 rounds of chemo, the HIPEC procedure again, then 3 follow-up rounds of chemo.

She was cancer free for her entire senior year, but in August of 2014 the cancer returned for a third time.  She had a mass removed from her abdomen and she is currently doing chemo.  She is still attending TCU this year and participating in all the college activities she can fit into her calendar.

Latest Journal Update

Lots of good news this weekend!

1.  Taylor's blood counts were miraculously higher this morning!  Her platelet counts were way too low last week.  Around 53,000, and they have to be at least 75,000. 

Today they were at 123,000.

I have no idea how she managed to do that, but apparently she's doing 'better'.


2.  She sailed through the appointment this morning and got checked into a room immediately.  No hospital-time, yet.  Also they are sending the pain team to discuss a better strategy for the one med that's been causing problems.  Good to see they're being very proactive.  Again, like I always say when my little Tay-Tay is in pain:  'Don't make daddy cut a bitch.'

3.  Miraculous news on the Fabulous Faith Foundation.  The foundation needed a lawyer who specialized in non-profits to look over all the documents, etc.  Well, I googled something random, then I felt one of our guardian angels (Faith...duh) guide my mouse to one of the 50 million links that came up.  I sent it to Faith's family, and bah-dah-boom, it's a perfect fit.  The attorney specializes in non-profits, she has a young child, her sister worked at Cook Children's hospital, and she's a wonderful lady!  Thank you guardian angel for selecting that link for us!  Could not have worked out any better!!

4.  This is going to be huge.  Tay and I were chatting in the room as she settled in, and she suddenly announced 'I'm going to be a WISH GRANTER!'  WOW!! 

When Taylor's wonderful Make-A-Wish came true, her wish granter was a wonderful young lady named Abby.  She had us go to a really nice Italian restaurant in Dallas.  We had a delicious dinner, then all of a sudden a big cake comes out that says:  'CONGRATULATIONS!  YOUR WISH WILL COME TRUE!'

So Tay is going to be doing that for little Make-A-Wish kids around the DFW area!  HOW AWESOME IS THAT!?!?!!

She goes through 'Wish-Granter' training in June, and her first one is later that month with one of her favorite Chi Omega sisters!  So cool!

'Wish Granter' training.  How awesome is THAT?!?

Thank you everyone for all the positive thoughts and prayers.  We really appreciate everyone sticking with this thing for over four years!  You are all so appreciated!  Could not do it without all of you on Team Taylor!


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Ruth Lautzenheiser
By Ruth Lautzenheiser
This is great news! We have a special place in our hearts for wish granters. Taylor will enjoy this job so, so much!! She's perfect. btw that rose rocks!
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Suzanne Vorhies
By Suzanne Vorhies
Love all that good news. Taylor deserves good news. So glad that he counts were high. Glad for the lawyer to to help the wonderful foundation. Glad that Taylor is going to be a Wish Granter.

Have a good weekend.

Take care and God Bless,
Suzanne and Alexis
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Shari Cox
By Shari Cox
Hooray for higher blood counts, generous lawyers, and wish granting opportunities!!! God is good!
Jackie Faustino
By Jackie Faustino
I just cannot a better wish-granter than Taylor. What a fabulous job!
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Jim Jackson
By Jim Jackson
Very cool!!!
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