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Taylor’s Story

Taylor was diagnosed with colon cancer in early 2011 when she was only 14 years old.  She had surgery to remove a portion of her colon, followed by 12 rounds of chemotherapy and a surgical procedure called HIPEC at MD Anderson hospital in Houston, TX.

The cancer returned in September of 2012 in an aggressive way.  Two large masses were discovered in her abdomen which turned out later to be her ovaries.  She had an additional 12 rounds of chemo, the HIPEC procedure again, then 3 follow-up rounds of chemo.

She was cancer free for her entire senior year, but in August of 2014 the cancer returned for a third time.  She had a mass removed from her abdomen and she'll start chemo.  She is still attending TCU this year and participating in all the college activities she can fit into her calendar.

Latest Journal Update


This weekend was truly a blessing!  We really wanted to stay on schedule with the chemo, but good grief it was really nice having a BREAK!!  Taylor was THRILLED that she didn't have to drag around a pump!

She had an awesome time with the best boyfriend in the known universe, Chris, on his birthday Friday.  They went to Texas De Brazil and ate 12 POUNDS of MEAT!! YUM!!  Thank you again Vince for the gift certificate!  Afterwards they went to see a funny comedy group called Four Day Weekend.  Wonderful night, and about 10,000 times better than the hospital!

Saturday night was her official Chi Omega initiation!  She has been so excited about this for so long, and she ended up having a BLAST!  She can't really tell us anything about it, except it was 'kind of weird, but REALLY, REALLY FUN!' 

After the initiation she went out to Old South Pancake House in Ft. Worth with her Chi O Big Sister and had delicious French Toast.  YUM again!

Today was a beautiful luncheon for the entire sorority at River Crest Country Club.  All the Chi O ladies are truly amazing, and they love Taylor with all their hearts!  (And SHE LOVES THEM EVEN MORE!)

What a wonderful weekend!  Hopefully her counts will be back up next weekend and we'll get back on track, but this was really, really nice.

Thank you Chi Omega Sisters for everything you do for Taylor, and thank you again everyone for all your kind words and wonderful prayers!

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Marty Orozco
By Marty Orozco
You guys are all inspirations! Happy for a happy weekend for your sweet Taylor. And mom Julia knows nothing about how these "initiation" things work. (Wink, wink). Have a great week!
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bob jesperson
By Bob Jesperson
Sooo happy for you Taylor - you are a true inspiration. We are praying for you constantly - way to go!!!!
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Kristin Pordash
By Kristin Pordash
So glad she had a great sorority weekend at TCU. These are the moments....
Prayers always for you all.
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Camilla Freitag
By Camilla Freitag
Happy Birthday to wonderful Chris and Big doings with Taylor, so proud of her. You all continue to amaze. Love and prayers!
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Suzanne Vorhies
By Suzanne Vorhies
Best weekend she could have, so excited that she had such a good time. She deserved a good time.
Prayers continue.

Take care and God Bless,
Suzanne and Alexis
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Bob Helland
By The Hellands — last edited
More pictures here:

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Joe McDonough
By Joe McDonough
Congratulations, Taylor!!!
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