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Taylor’s Story

Taylor was diagnosed with colon cancer in early 2011 when she was only 14 years old.  She had surgery to remove a portion of her colon, followed by 12 rounds of chemotherapy and a surgical procedure called HIPEC at MD Anderson hospital in Houston, TX.

The cancer returned in September of 2012 in an aggressive way.  Two large masses were discovered in her abdomen which turned out later to be her ovaries.  She had an additional 12 rounds of chemo, the HIPEC procedure again, then 3 follow-up rounds of chemo.

She was cancer free for her entire senior year, but in August of 2014 the cancer returned for a third time.  She had a mass removed from her abdomen and she is currently doing chemo.  She is still attending TCU this year and participating in all the college activities she can fit into her calendar.

Latest Journal Update

No chemo today

Taylor's numbers are too low.

For the medical statistic fanatics:

WBC:  3000 (Normal Range:  4,500 - 11,000)

PLT COUNT:  62,000  (Minimum for chemo: 75,000;  Normal Range: 150,000-450,000)

ANC:  890  (Minimum for chemo:  1000;  Normal Range:  1500-7000)

HgB: 10.3 (Normal Range:  12-15)

So she's pretty worn down, at least as far as her blood counts.

She's NOT worn down as far as activity.

Tay bought Julia two Chris Tomlin tickets and that concert is tonight, so they will be able to go to that!

Tomorrow is the Chi Omega 'Formal', but many of the girls are just going out to a nice dinner tomorrow night.

Sunday is a big KLIFE activity, then I think Shara and her boyfriend Vince are coming over for dinner.  (We hope!)

She does have to get her port accesses even when we just go in for a blood test.  (They could do an arm IV, but this defeats the whole purpose of having a port.)

Below is a picture of the MASSIVE NEEDLE they use.  It's about the size of a throwing dart tip....

We stopped by the oncology floor to see our buddies Colby and Kamryn, but they were SLEEPING!

Prayers for everyone, and thanks so much for that!!!

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michael messer
By michael messer
Prayers and love out to you Taylor. Love you with all our hearts. Mike and Lori
Leslie Eslick
By Leslie Eslick--prayer warrior from SC
Prayers continuing for Taylor. Prayers also continuing for all of the other fabulous folks kicking cancer to the curb. I am a chemo patient myself, using it for Multiple Sclerosis. Your description of port access was super, it feels like a harpoon most days😱😂.
Sally Teplow
By Sally Teplow
Love to all of you e-hugs from all of us. Rest a bit and regroup. Be still and wait for the right timing as we lift all of you on prayers. We believe His timing is perfect...
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