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Taylor’s Story

Taylor was diagnosed with colon cancer in early 2011 when she was only 14 years old.  She had surgery to remove a portion of her colon, followed by 12 rounds of chemotherapy and a surgical procedure called HIPEC at MD Anderson hospital in Houston, TX.

The cancer returned in September of 2012 in an aggressive way.  Two large masses were discovered in her abdomen which turned out later to be her ovaries.  She had an additional 12 rounds of chemo, the HIPEC procedure again, then 3 follow-up rounds of chemo.

She was cancer free for her entire senior year of high school, but in August of 2014 the cancer returned for a third time.  She had a portion of a mass removed from her abdomen and had several additional rounds of chemotherapy, but in July of 2015 the chemo stopped working, and the mass began to grow again.  We were going to travel to MD Anderson to have another surgery but the cancer has now grown more in her abdomen and spread to both her breasts. She was briefly enrolled in a clinical trial at UT Southwest in Dallas, but due to health issues she was removed from the trial.

She has had several medical procedures lately, including two surgeries for intestinal blockage, she's had stents placed in both her ureters, also to relieve blockage, and she's had a tube inserted in her gall bladder to help drain bile.  Her doctors believe all these issues are caused by the cancer growing in her abdomen.

Unfortunately, due to the bile drainage issues, her bilirubin number is very high and she is currently unable to have any chemotherapy.

Taylor remains positive, happy, and her faith has never been stronger.  Every day she shows us that anyone, at any time, in any situation can choose joy!

Please continue to 'Pray For Tay!'  Thank you very much!

Latest Journal Update

Good days and nice weather!

We've had some wonderful days lately.  Tay is feeling good, she has more energy, and we've had a bunch of wonderful visitors!

Shara has been here too.  She is incredibly helpful.  We're always amazed at how much she can get done around here.  THANK YOU SWEETIE for all your help!

Tay got up yesterday and told Shara that she was getting stir-crazy and wanted to get out of the house.  We all loaded her up in her little wheel chair and took Shara's puppy, Biggie, out for a long walk to the park and back.  Beautiful, blue sky with a warm sun, but a bit of a cool breeze!  Biggie loved it, and so did Taylor!!

We've been overwhelmed with good food this week!  Thank you to everyone!  We would probably be existing on bowls of cereal.  That's how little energy we have....

Thank you again for everything, and very special thanks to everyone who donated to the TCU Dance Marathon!
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Jackie Faustino
By Jackie Faustino
Soak up this beautiful sun!
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Janice Hoover
By Janice Hoover
Looking good Taylor!!! So glad you were able to get out. Right now in PA it feels like 2 degrees. Stay warm Love to you and your family.
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Maria Tinnyo
By Praying in PA

You and your family give a whole new meaning to the word "inspire".

You are always #1 on my prayer list.

A Beautiful day. Beautiful people. Beautiful "Biggie".
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laura wilson
By laura wilson
Amen and thank you Jesus! It's great to hear you're able to get some much needed rest, that Tay has had some good days and getting some energy back. Happy you were able to enjoy the nice weather.☀️ You are always in my prayers.🙏
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beverly ladusky
By Beverly Ladusky
What wonderful news hope you were able to take another walk today it was wonderful outside. A great day for a walk of JOY!!!!🙏🎉😄
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meredith smith
By meredith smith
(Ditto to all the posts below.)
Beautiful family!
Beautiful day!
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Donna Russell
By Donna/Ron ~ Nonna/Papa
Taylor has her finger stuck in the JOY socket!! LOVE her spirit!!
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Kathleen Friendshuh
By Kathleen Friendshuh
What a great looking gang
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Kathy Borst
Glad you had a good day!
I'm praying for you & your family!
Love to everyone!
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