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  • Written Oct 13, 2011 5:17pm

    Taylor's surgery went well.   Dr. Graupman said it was "boring".  She is recovering and a bit more energetic than expected!!  She is doing great.  She can move on now that this step is behind her.  We are happy to have this chapter of our lives behind us and are looking forward to brighter days ahead.    

    Thank you for joining  us on this journey.  We are grateful for having such wonderful family and friends.

  • Be Brave!

    Written Oct 13, 2011 8:37am

    Taylor has surgery today at 11:30 to remove the pins and rods from her back.  She is scared but brave.  Please say a little prayer for her today. I will post an update when she's out of surgery.  
  • Update on Taylor and Nate

    Written Jun 22, 2011 8:31pm

    It's Monica again! 

    It has been three and a half months since the accident!  Taylor and Nate are doing very well.  This week we had great news at their doctor appointments.  Taylor’s optometrist told us she doesn’t have to return unless she starts getting headaches in the future. Her eyes have improved and are almost 100% back to normal.  She doesn’t have that crossed eyed look anymore and doesn’t see double unless she looks to the extreme right.  No more eye patches! 

    Both kids had MRI’s Tuesday morning and their backs are healing.  We were told Nate is able to stand and walk upright without his brace now!  Nate wants to keep it as a reminder of the accident.  I’m not sure why he wants to remember it but he doesn’t want to burn it as Pop and Aunt Jane suggested!  I guess as a reminder of how strong he was through all of this.  Taylor doesn’t have to worry about her back surgery this summer.  The pins and rods will remain in her back for another three to six months.  We can forget they are there for the time being.  The MRI shows that her vertebra are healing.  They both are limited in their activities to protect their backs but we are thinking of this summer as a time to heal.  

    Their diets are back to normal for the most part.  They are not eating popcorn or peanuts yet but most other foods can be tolerated. The days of unbearable and endless tummy aches are over.  I don’t know how we ever lived through it.   Taylor has stomach aches often but they are nothing like the weeks after the accident.  

    It feels like the accident happened a lifetime ago.  I look back to the pictures and think about the hospital rooms and wonder how we had the strength.  I know our friends and family carried us through.   We were reminded each day that our kids were loved.  We can’t thank you all enough for all of your gifts, prayers, words of encouragement…everything.

    We have learned that nothing is more important than the love we have for each other.  I only wish and pray that everyone on this Caring Bridge Site, a few who are close to my heart, will see their prayers answered.  We are praying for you.  

    Bye for now!  From Taylor, Nate, Tony and Monica

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