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Day 2 in the books!!!

Well tonight I am going to get right to it, after a long day Tatum did the MRI with out sedation and rocked it!!! Then upstairs to see Dr Leahy (cancer dr) who greeted Tate with hugs and we got right to business are u ready ???? CANCER FREE no sign of any kind any sort of any sign of cancer!!! The cyst is still there but after consulting the professionals they are convinced after 2 years that it has not grown or shrunk they have determined that it is just that a cyst not cancer!!! Wait for it unless something comes up that was Tatum's last MRI tears of joy are flowing and Tatum ran and gave Dr Leahy a huge hug! Also we don't have to see the cancer doctors in MN just the eye and tumor doctors HUGE relief!!! Tatum is right on target for all of her growth charts and is all in all a normal little warrior! Now things to watch first things first it is an absolute must that we meet with the urologist to figure out what is causing the bladder and kidney infections she said it started before cancer and it is not from the cancer so we need to find the problem right now Tatum has good kidney function but if we don't fix this that can change fast. Also the chemo is hard on teeth and tendons the tendons look great for now but we need to keep working them and keep the teeth clean and the check ups regular all in all it was a amazing day!!!! Tatum is still sore and has wore sun glasses inside and out for sensitivity and she says she is embarrassed of her eye there is blood on her eye were they gave the shot such a diva!!! Thanks to all of our family and friends and our Prayer warriors the prayers are are being answered!!!

This is Tatum thanks for all the prayers I am still sore but feeling better. I am excited for tomorrow for the Luke Bryan concert.

Love Tatum

Thanks to all god bless

Scott Lisa Macee and Warrior Tatum

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your request to god. Phil 4:6

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Amy Lennes
By Amy Lennes
So thankful for all the great news!!! Had lots of tears for joy yesterday!! Can't wait to hear about it when you guys get home-- see you tomorrow!!! Love you all!!!
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Joyce Hegquist
By Dave and Joyce
We are so happy for you, Tatum! What a trooper you are. :) We will continue to pray that everything else is good too. We love and admire the nice person you are and love that you're such a fighter. God bless and keep you safe.
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Arlene Bowen
By Arlene - Make A Wish Granter
What great news! Have a great time at the Luke Bryan concert!
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Jackie Buss
By Jackie Buss
So glad to hear all your good news! Now, go and rock that concert!
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Susan Schneider
By Susan Schneider
Happy happy happy and have fun with Luke sweetie!!
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Aileen Sperr
By Aileen Sperr
Super awesome and amazing news....could not be happier for Tatum and your entire family!!! Enjoy your family time and the concert!!! So very deserved!!!
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Heidi Schoenecker
By Heidi Schoenecker
Awesome news!!! Have a great time at the concert! You all deserve it!
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cheryl bright
By cheryl bright
We thank and praise our Great Physician with you!
Cheryl and Carly
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Bobbi Wiener
By Bobbi Jo Wiener
So happy for all of you!! Blessings abound! Best news ever. Sending hugs to Tatum, Macee, Lisa and Scott. Thanking God for sending healing to dear Tatum. Love. Bobbi Jo
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