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Day one down!

Well after a 1 hour rain delay our flight finally got in the air and with the storms out east the flight was a rough one as you all know how much I love to fly it was a long 2 hours! Small world thou as we loaded the plane the seats were 2 on one side and 3 on the other so the girls sat together and I sat across the aisle next to them when I sat down I was next to a woman holding a small child (20months old) when I asked what they were heading to Philly for she replied that she was going to the Dr for her daughters Retinoblastoma treatments! In shock we talked awhile she is out here seeing the same Amazing Dr Shields today, small world we had a lot to talk about on the way! Tatum started her day upstairs at the hospital to have some photos of her eye taken and for a vision test before heading downstairs we arrived downstairs at 10 am but didn't go in until 2:30 a long wait but she is worth it. It is hard to explain to people who have not experienced this hospital and Dr Shields, it is a VERY busy place they are the best in the nation at what they do that being said usually there is not a lot of time for chit chat from Dr Shields very busy lady, however today she made time to stop and visit with Tatum and to ask questions Tatum is special she can tell her what things feel like and Dr Shields is learning from Tate as most of her patients are babies. It is amazing to see her team of 6-10 students and nurses command a room only to stop and be delicate smile laugh and hug then to rush of and back to business! Pretty amazing I know I brag a lot about Tatum but seeing is believing Everywhere we go out here they greet her with open arms calling her by name sometimes it's a little embarrassing as other parents and family's starring at us wondering why the special treatment they must wonder, her favorite is Mike he is the coordinator for the surgical floor always remembers her and they go back and forth all day picking on one another only to end the day with a great big hug amazing man Tate always said she would be famous!!! Dr shields and her secretary asked us today if it would be alright to have Tatum be one of the featured story's for there 40th anniversary they want to put Tatum's story on the website and to put her story on there newsletter that goes out to 15,000 people. The picture they want to use is the one they took back last Aug when Macee and Tatum were given headbands from a foundation called headbands for hope the same picture is featured on the foundations websites home page, Dr Shields wants to use it because she believes that Macee is just as much apart of this story as Tatum with her support and stress she went through I will try to put the picture in the photos pretty awesome! Ok enough already back to the news after the hour exam Tatum is really sore in both eyes she still has not opened them, they gave her a steroid shot in her cancer eye to help with side effects from the radiation. There is NO SIGN of any TUMOR a little scar tissue that will probably never go away but is not affecting her. They also put dye in here IV to watch and make sure all of her blood vessels are pumping blood and functioning properly and they were all good! Tatum's right eye is 20/20 and her Left eye (the cancer eye) Is 20/50 which is great news!!! All the Doctors out here are amazed how far she has come and we laughed today talking about our first meeting with them how scared and angry we we're seems like forever ago! The doctors think that some of Tatum's headaches could be coming from some inflammation of her bad eye and are hoping the steroid shot helps they want us to monitor for the next 3 months and see if it got better but the MRI and meeting with Dr Leahey might tell us more! The plan will stay the same a checkup in MN in November then back out here in February for the full lineup of test again they are not quite ready to let us go to every six months they still want that check up every 3 months and I guess we are not ready or comfortable to do that either. We are excited for our news and praying for another great day tomorrow thanks to you all for your support and prayers they are being heard and answered!

Update Tomm thanks and God Bless

Scott Lisa Macee and Warrior Tatum

"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for The Lord your god will be with you wherever you go." Josh 1:9
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Wendy Gwin
By Wendy(Fischer)Gwin from Oregon
Such amazing good news on how far Tatum has come, Mona. She is a very strong and independent or maybe grown up little young lady I know. She is such an inspiration to so many others. It's a Blessing and an Honor to be related to this young lady. I'm not sure how to explain the relation part but I know that you know what I mean. God Bless Tatum with continued Good Reports and I pray that her headaches go away. God's Blessings Always!
Joyce Hegquist
By Dave and Joyce
My goodness, what a great report!!! You are such a special family we feel lucky just to know you. :) Dave and I love you and will continue to pray for all of you.
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Dawn Lembcke
Awesome update. Another great day coming your way tomorrow!! As always....thinking of all of you!!
1 person hearted this
Heidi Schoenecker
By Heidi Schoenecker
Awesome news!!! So happy for all of you and especially famous Tate! :) sending big hugs and many prayers!
1 person hearted this
Susan Schneider
By Susan Schneider
So so happy for you Tatum and family!!!
1 person hearted this
Mona Libbesmeier
By Grandma and Grandpa L
Hugs and kisses!!!!
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