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My Story

On Wednesday February 8 2012 Tatum woke up with a sore eye after treating her eye for for what we thoughtwas a eye infection for two days, the redness cleared Lisa(Tatum’s mom) noticedblood in the center of her eye. We brought her down to see the local eye doctorin Morris MN who sent us right to St. Cloud MN after 2 appt's we were sent tothe U of M Eye Specialist were she was seeing Dr Steven Kaufman. From February to October we would be seen here once sometimes twice a week to control pressure in her eye and to test to find answers. Over the 9 months we seen multiple specialists at the U of M and Mayo clinic we had 3 A/C Taps that take fluid out of her eye to test for many things including Cancer with no answers.Tatum was put on multiple drops and meds to try to fix her developing glaucoma which was making her pressure rise and there is a film developing on the insideof her cornea that is making it harder to see thru.

On October 23 Tatum's pressure was rising and her eye stopped responding to the meds so after a meeting withall her Dr's they sent us over to the MN Lions Children's Eye Clinic to see a tumor specialist. On Friday October 26 we had our Apt. with Dr Jill Anderson a pediatric eye and tumor specialist this will be a day we never forget the day that changed our lives! After a long day of MRI's CT scans and putting her under to get a better look and pics of her eye the look on her face when she came in the room told us everything! What she found and showed us was a large tumor on Tatum's Iris (the colored part of your eye) that she said we needed to go to one of 2 places Bascom Palmer in Miami or Wills Eye in Philadelphia. After a conference call on Saturday they decided to send us to Wills Eye in Philadelphia and wanted us there as soon as possible. We were delayed a week due to hurricane Sandy but made the trip the following week. For a week they did everytest they had and after a biopsy of the Tumor we were told the ugly truth RETINOBLASTOMA EYE CANCER!

 After many tears shed The AMAZING Dr's at Wills Eye Dr Carol Shields and her team and the AMAZING Dr Ann Leahey Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and her team gave us a plan that we would put in place to save her eye and her life!!!!

  We are currently done with Radiation and are going thru Chemo Tatum's last round is in May of 2013! Westill have a long road but with our Awesome Dr's we know we will beat this evil monster! We have to go back to Philly every three months for at least the next2 years to make sure the tumor don't come back! With the support of our familyand friends and the help of God we will be CANCER FREE!  


Grandma and Grandpa L signed Tatum's Guestbook.

Tatum you are right you can do this just like you always tell Grandpa, we quote you all the time. We will have you all in our thoughts this week and remember to hold your ... Read more

mary (molly) Becker signed Tatum's Guestbook.

Will be thinking of you all this week and saying extra prayers for good results for your little warrior! Have fun seeing your buddy Like again! I am jealous!!! Read more

Scott Libbesmeier posted a new journal entry, "Philly time!".

Well here it is 5 am and wide awake the anticipation of Our Philly trips always is a little uneasy. Tatum has been having a great summer she has been playing softball and ... Read more

Bobbi Jo Wiener signed Tatum's Guestbook.

Prayers for Lauren and Chris.....and always for Tatum and her whole wonderful family. You continue to be an inspiration to so many, thank you for sharing your concern for ... Read more

Scott Libbesmeier posted a new journal entry, "One more prayer!".

I feel terrible I have one more request with all the emotion around my last post I totally forgot to add our friend Chris who is fighting his own battle down at Mayo in ... Read more

Scott Libbesmeier posted a new journal entry, "Calling all prayer warriors!!!".

Warriors we need your help we have a friend who's daughter has become really sick and the need all the help we can give her name is Lauren she is 5 she was just diagnosed ... Read more

Scott Libbesmeier posted a new journal entry, "Happy Birthday!!!".

Well summer is finally here the easiest way to tell is look at the girls schedule and it is easy to see between softball and swimming lessens camps and all the other ... Read more

Faye Mrozek signed Tatum's Guestbook.

I can't believe it is a year already.  Huge milestone!!!!  I am glad to hear that Tatum is doing well and life for her has returned to normal (whatever that is).  Take ... Read more

Scott Libbesmeier posted a new journal entry, "1 year Cancer Free!!".

Well time flys one year ago today Tatum's blood work recovered from her last chemo and the doctors told us she was cancer free!!!! Tate has overcome a lot of hurdles this ... Read more

Heidi Schoenecker signed Tatum's Guestbook.

Awesome news!! Tate and all of you are always in our daily prayers! Always so happy to hear the good updates. Read more

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