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Tanner’s Story

Tanner R. Franson - Age 13
8th Grader at Mondovi Public School
Parents: Rick & Diann (Brantner) Franson
June Brantner - Mondovi, WI
Gordon & Maxine Franson - Strum, WI

12/07/2008 Sunday afternoon, our son, Tanner Franson had an AVM (Arteriovenous Malformation). In the simplest terms to explain this to a person, per Dr. Porter, is that Tanner had a stroke.

Tanner was playing with his friend Cody Weber. They were building a snow fort at the Central Lutheran Church on Main Street in Mondovi. This Church is right across from Cody’s Mom and Dad’s house. They were having fun and building away, and next thing you know, Tanner told Cody he did not feel very good and that he was going to go home. Tanner then walked across the street towards Cody’s house and made it to the sidewalk and then collapsed. We believe Tanner was fighting it and came too and he literally crawled to Cody’s house and pulled himself up and then told Cody’s Mom that he did not feel good and wanted me to call his Mom right away. Tanner then began to pull at his clothes and tried to pull them off. That is when Tanner collapsed and became unresponsive. Cody’s Mom called 911 immediately.

Tanner was taken to ER/Sacred Heart Hospital and did not regain consciousness. Thank God Tanner did not go home and lay down to take a nap, otherwise, Tanner would not be with us here today. I am so thankful to Cody Weber and the Weber family for taking quick action and calling 911, and the Mondovi Ambulance Crew, and to Police Officer Laura Jardine. Without this amazing group and fast action, Tanner would not be alive to talk about it.

Tanner was found to have an ateriovenous malformation (AVM) which is a tangle of arteries and veins. Arteries carrying oxygen rich blood to his brain and veins which take blood back to the heart to get oxygenized. These vessels at some point grew out of control (slowly) creating a “spaghetti tangle” of vessels. These vessels are not strong; they are abnormal and grow around each other. When this happens to a person, unfortunately it isn’t usually possible to see any symptoms until one of the abnormal vessels break causing a brain bleed which happened to Tanner. Tanner was taken to surgery and had a craniotomy in which Dr. Porter had to remove part of his skull bone to get to the brain bleed to stop it and remove his “tangle” of abnormal vessels. This was very successful. He came back from surgery with a breathing tube in his lungs called a ventilator which is breathing for him because the doctors feel his brain needs to rest to keep the swelling down. He is being given several medications to help him sleep so his brain can heal. (Roberta-CCU Nurse)