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Talia’s Story

Thank you for reading Talia's story.  

On November 5th 2008 we received the the horrible news that our beautiful baby two year old girl was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor....

Talia never had any big symptoms or signs of illness. A week before the diagnoses she threw up in her crib a couple times but we thought maybe she just had a flu bug. Then Halloween weekend we started to notice that her left eye was starting to deviate to the middle. So, my wife Nicole took her to the doctor and the doctor said not to worry it was just a weak muscle or something and get a appt to the eye doctor. We got the soonest appointment which was 3 weeks away. The next day, my wife had a feeling she shouldn't wait. So she called another doctor and got in right away. He dilated her eye, found pressure in her head, then sent Talia and Nicole to the ER. At the hospital they did a CT scan.

By the time I had got to the hospital from work the results were in.......I walked into the ER room, went back to where they were and Nicole was holding Tali in her arms and told me she had a brain tumor. The world just stopped, changed direction and will never be the same.

Then they did a MRI and the news got worse. We were told it had spread to her little spine. They checked her in to intesive care unit where we met her neuro surgeon Dr. David Shafron and by the end of the day she had her first brain surgery. They had to drain the fluid out of her head that was causing the pressure in her head and symptoms. Next, on Friday November 7th she had a second surgery to remove the tumor from her brain. We have never prayed so much in our lives. Thank you God, they were able to get almost all of that tumor in he head.The tumors that spread to her spine are inoperable so they will be addressed with chemotherapy and prayer.

So we ask you to pass this on to all the people you know and to have them pray for my daughter. She needs to be strong, recover from surgery so she can fight her next battle in the war of cancer which will be the chemotherapy. She will be strong and God will heal her. Please pray, thank you so much.....

Head Start 3 protocol, Talia completed the chemotherapy/stem cell rescue portion from 12/2/08 to 6/22/09. 
Proton Radiation 7/12/09 to 8/28/09 @ MD Anderson in TX

First scan post treatment 10/1/09: NED. clear spinal fluid.
1/22/10: NED. Clear spinal fluid.  
4/23/10: NED
7/23/10: NED
11/4/10: NED
2/10/11: NED

5/2011: NED

11/2011: NED

3/23/2012: NED

8/2012: NED

life is good.