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My name is Tabitha, I'm 20, I was fighting for my life for over 80 days with an unknown illness at Legacy Emanuel Hospital. I am finally home. My Family will be updating everyone on my status! Please keep me in your prayers! I love God, I'm very excited to see what he has planned for me. If you want to help my family support me you can donate to "the Tabitha Schulke fund" at any US bank branch. Also you can send cards and letters to our po box 565 Monmouth,Or 97361


Reita Bittinger signed Tabitha's Guestbook.

You sweet amazing lady.  I'm so proud of you and God will continue to use you as you know.Love and HugsHoping I get to meet you in person someday.\Jeremiah ... Read more

Erin Monroe signed Tabitha's Guestbook.

Sweet Girl, Your courage and submission to God's great plan for your life is beautiful to behold. The loss of your legs in itself is not a good thing, but through your ... Read more

Sylvia Christopherson So Salem Naz signed Tabitha's Guestbook.

Tabitha    So glad to hear directly from you.  God does work in many ways his wonders to preform.  A healed, happy heart is the greatest gift God can give you.  Keep ... Read more

Susan Collinsworth signed Tabitha's Guestbook.

Tabitha, thank you for posting an update and this testimony about God's work in your and your family's lives. We don't know each other, but I have been praying for you ... Read more

Toni Cook signed Tabitha's Guestbook.

Tabitha you are one inspiring young women.  The Lord has a plan for you has he always has.  Your story is truly amazing & it is wonderful that you can share it in ... Read more

DeAnn Ainsworth signed Tabitha's Guestbook.

Tabitha....WOW.  To hear "your story" in your own words is so powerful and humbling.  You continue to inspire us all with your faith and courage....facing so many health ... Read more

Thelma Jacoby signed Tabitha's Guestbook.

Thanks, Tabitha, for sharing your story. I have been following the posts and am continually amazed at how God has used you & your family.Keeping all of you in prayer. Read more

Kerry and Cheryl signed Tabitha's Guestbook.

You are such a special young woman, beautiful both on the inside and outside. You inspire us all. God love ya. Sending you xoxoxo, thoughts and prayers from Washington. Read more

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heartfelt gratitude for your transparency, Tabitha.  What a testimony.  As we raise our children I hope they come to understand the eternal things you are discovering ... Read more

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