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Susan is in Harborview Med Center recovering from a ruptured brain aneurysm.  To learn about donating to her fund, click here:
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Jan 5, 2010 6:59pm

Susan is coming home!  She will move back home on Sunday to begin again her life so abruptly put on hold these past three months.  Daniel will be living with her and between Daniel, myself, Cindy, Jim and friends she will have someone there with her 24/7 until she reaclimates and settles into whatever life she decides to create for herself.  She will continue to have therapy, hopefully 5 days a week for cognitive rehab for her memory.  But in general she is tracking really well in present time and able to do all the things we have to do to sustain our home life.  No doubt she will want to begin again to allow those creative impulses within her to flow freely into expression.  She won't be able to drive for awhile, but we all hope that that will eventually be possible for her. 

Her short term memory is still very compromised but it is definitely showing progress and will hopefully continue to return.  She does not have any memory of what has happened except what she has been told.  And even that is hard for her to hold on to.  It is just not a reality for her.  She never registered any of it in her memory. 

We would love any help you can offer in this transition time.  She will need rides every day up to Whidbey General Hospital for therapy, rides to the store or for errands and if any one would like to spend time at her house with her during the day please call me and we can put you on the calendar.  360 661 3767. 

This is so exciting and so wonderful that she is coming home and that she has come so far with her recovery.  You will all be amazed when you see her.  Socializing is still very tiring for her brain and she seems to be good for an hour or two.  But remember she is still very much in recovery.  The work of the brain cutting new pathways is exhausting work. 

Much love to you all, Carol

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