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Mi historia

Hi everyone,

A friend suggested we try this Caring Bridge site, and I think it's a great idea. So instead of mass emails, I'll update this page from time to time. Feel free to stop in, sign the guest book, or email me directly!

In case you're unaware of the whirlwind that's been going on, my mom had brain surgery on Tuesday, November 25th to remove a tumor in her left parietal lobe. She recovered amazingly well and they released her directly from the ICU on Thanksgiving--just 2 days after surgery!

Her deficits before surgery we larger than I had realized. Her reading was severely impaired to the point where she couldn't do it anymore, and she was having significant word-finding issues. Post-surgery, she has only one new deficit, which is fairly minor--problems with her right peripheral vision. But her reading and speech has improved exponentially by the day. If you didn't know what she's been through, you would never guess it.

On Monday, Dec 1st, Dr Rodriguez, her surgeon, came to the house to talk with us about the pathology results. She has a grade 4 Glioblastoma. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glioblastoma). He removed everything he could see with a microscope and through MRI, and now we're headed off to UCLA for chemo and radiation.

One of mom's colleagues has, bizarrely enough, been diagnosed with the same kind of cancer. He had surgery in February and is currently clean as a whistle. Mom will have the same oncologist and will likely do a similar, if not the same, clinical trial.

Hearts were a little heavy at first, but now that the news has sunken in a little, we're pushing forward. Mom is one spunky, stubborn, and brilliant woman! She's ready to beat the pulp out of this thing. Of course, all your thoughts and prayers would help... We don't care if God is sick of hearing about it. Cry me a river!!! ;-)


Kathryn Edelman posted a new journal entry.

Dear all,   It has been 68 days since mom passed away and not even an hour goes by when she is not noticeably present within me. Even when I sleep.  I know I am not ... Lea más

Gretchen Waldrop signed Susan's Guestbook.

Thank you Kathryn for the difficult task you have undertaken for keeping all of us aware of everthing that has happened with in your family. My prayers for your entire ... Lea más

Carolyn Cranston signed Susan's Guestbook.

Thank you, Kathryn, for sharing such a beautifully written journal of your mom's journey over the last two years. She will be missed, but never forgotten, by the many, ... Lea más

Bobbie Rickabaugh signed Susan's Guestbook.

Dear Kathryn...there's not a day that passes when we don't think about you, Dave, and all the rest of your family.   Our hearts continue to hurt over your loss, but we ... Lea más

Karen Lutz signed Susan's Guestbook.

Dear Kathryn, You have been so brave, strong and faithful in sharing deeply as you have travelled the journey with your mom and Dave.  I thank you from the bottom of my ... Lea más

Doris Calian signed Susan's Guestbook.

God's comfort and blessing for all your family! 2011 is a new year, and I know Susan wants you all to live full lives just as she did. She was so proud of you and rightly ... Lea más

Kathryn Edelman posted a new journal entry.

Dear all,   It has been 68 days since mom passed away and not even an hour goes by when she is not noticeably present within me. Even when I sleep.  I know I am not ... Lea más

Diane Carr signed Susan's Guestbook.

Hi Susan: Wow - I am so sorry to hear of this.  My very, very best to you and your family.  I will keep you in my prayers. Diane W. Carr  -your old buddy at OPA Lea más

Marirose Lescher signed Susan's Guestbook.

I don’t remember why we were gathered around a camp fire at the base of Mount Sinai, but we were.  We were sipping hot tea (spiked for some of us) listening to the ... Lea más

Lea Austin signed Susan's Guestbook.

Dear Kathryn, I'm sorry I missed the memorial service for your mom.  I was out of town that weekend.  So it was a joy to find her "sermon" on CaringBridge.  ... Lea más

Jennifer Young-Thompson signed Susan's Guestbook.

It is Novemeber 14th and i have just found out about your beloved Susan. I was her student at PTS and David was our interim minister at Tarentum's First Presbyterian.  ... Lea más

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