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Mi historia

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Thank you for all your support!
Sincerely, Sue's Family and Friends 

Sue was brought to the ER at the U of M Fairview on Friday, February 22nd.  She had only been sick for about a day and a half.  She thought she had the flu.  She had some diarrhea and vomitted.  She called her friend Kay Pederson on Friday morning to say that she couldn't get the cap off her water bottle.  Kay was alarmed and of course luck be have it was stuck needing to get shoveled out to get out of driveway!  She called JD who was able to go to Sue's. 

That was a string of luck too as JD was just leaving to go out of town for Paul's ski race.  When JD got to Sue's she found her very ill and complaining that she couldn't feel her hands.  911 was called and off to the hospital she went.  Although she was initially alert in the ER her condition deteriorated rapidly.  It was found she was septic from a large kidney stone that blocked her kidney.  She was taken to the OR where a stent was placed to drain the kidney.  From there she went into complete organ shut down. 

On two occasions we were told she would not survive the night.  Our family all gathered and we held hands and asked God for a miracle and believe it or not the next day she had improved!!!!!!  Sue still has a long ways to go. She is still on a ventilator and receiving kidney dialysis.  The aftermath of this horrific infection is that she developed a horrible clotting condition called DIC.  This developed from the massive infection.  This resulted in poor perfusion to her hands and feet. It is possibly she may lose some fingertips or toes but we will have to wait and see. 

I can't say enough wonderful things about the care she has received.  The doctors and nurses have truly saved her life.  My family wants to thank everyone for their prayers, texts and love!  It has meant the world to us.




Jane Mealey posted a new journal entry, "another step forward".

Sue had the second phase of her nasal reconstruction surgery today.  Everything went well and she is staying with me this weekend.  Wanted to let everyone know,  Dr. ... Lea más

Karen Allen signed Susan's Guestbook.

Hey Tuffy.  Hope you are not in too much pain.  Thank goodness the breathing is better.  I know that has been a trial for you all along.  Get better soon.  Love ya. Lea más

MK Barrett-Bremer signed Susan's Guestbook.

Hi Sue - Larry & I returned from our Cancun vacation this week. We had a great time; everything was perfect, especially the weather. Toasted your progress with a ... Lea más

Vickie Koutek signed Susan's Guestbook.

I am so glad everything went well.  I think of you often.  Your family and friends are amazing!!!  It was good to see you! Lea más

Cheryl Johnson signed Susan's Guestbook.

Hi Sue-Glad to hear that things are moving forward for you, & that surgery successful.  "Breathing better" sure is good news!  :-)Thank you for updating us Jane. ... Lea más

Tom Ochsner signed Susan's Guestbook.

Hi Sue -Thanks to Jane I keep up with whats up w/Sue. Bonnie & I both wish you the best in this recovery.I'm going to get your ph# from D & give you a call soon.-TomO Lea más

Judy Korynta signed Susan's Guestbook.

So glad to hear things are on a more positive note for all of you in this "New Year".  Think of you often and pray daily for strength and healing to continue. Lea más

Bryan Wood signed Susan's Guestbook.

Thanks for the update, so great to hear Sue is doing so well and can support others through her experience. Lea más

Cheryl Johnson signed Susan's Guestbook.

What an awesome & inspiring update!Thank you Jane!!  :-)Think of you all every day, &  say a prayer<3 Lea más

Jane Mealey posted a new journal entry, "onward and upward".

This is just a quick update on Sue.  She continues to amaze us all with her spirit and determination.  She scoots around on her prosthetic legs with ease.  We have now ... Lea más

Carol Stevenson signed Susan's Guestbook.

Would Sue like a pet therapy visit?  Cady Grace (mini goldendoodle) and I do pet therapy for both Fairview and Allina.....and we would be more than happy to see Sue.It ... Lea más

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