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Susan’s Story

Susan Bigham Memorial Fund (for schools)
Susan Bigham Memorial Fund
P.O. Box 186
Walnut Creek, CA 94597

Bigham Family Fund
(coming soon)

Latest Journal Update

TONIGHT (3/15/14): Gathering in the Walnut Heights Nature Area

Just a reminder that we are gathering tonight.  Hope to see you, it's a BEAUTIFUL!! day today.


Walnut Heights School - Nature Area in the back
4046 Walnut Blvd, Walnut Creek, CA 94596

TIME:  6:00 PM


Informal gathering to enjoy the space, view the stone we placed for Susan, and mix with your friends and community.


You and your kids
Camp chair (optional)
Something to put in the time capsule
I will provide beverages for kids and adults


Bring (optional!) a "Susan remembrance" to place in a 10-year time capsule for her boys.  Graham will be 21 and Jason will be 23 in ten years.  How cool would it be for them to open this trunk, and find items placed by their mother's family, and her friends and their kids??  Again, this is very optional…here are some ideas:

pictures of Susan  
A baseball
wine bottle (empty)
Cub Scout stuff
School pamphlets
Walnut Heights stuff
Swim stuff
PTA stuff
A short story about Susan
A bottle of dirt from the open space

The best part of this is that whatever reminds you of Susan will be a treasure for Graham and Jason and me.  I'll have some notepaper on hand for those that are so inspired at the moment.