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Two Days of Awesomeness

Well I've shared the funny and the sad, I guess I can be magnanimous and share the really great days too!  Actually, there weren't too many great days before now, so I wasn't slacking as much as you might think.
We're part of an organization called the Sunshine Kids.  They do amazing things for cancer kids that up until now we enjoyed reading about on a flyer and then crumpling it up and throwing it away in a jealous rage because we were banned from germs.  And people.  And fun. They did one event last month at the local waterpark Schliterbaun.  We LOVE Schliterbaun!  The week before we saw it, our doctor had actually specifically banned Schliterbaun because of the germs.  Oh yeah, that's right. We're in the Cancer Zone.  It's a Galactic Vortex of fun-sucking power.  

Now that Max's port is out, there was an upcoming event that we could actually do!  It was Craig Biggio's annual party at Minute Maid park.  We'd get to meet him and go on the field and wow! What a distraction!  

We get to the park and meet our personal tour guide - Mick.  He takes us to the luxury area and straight out to the field.  He works for Minute Maid park and says, "They didn't do anything like this when I was a kid."  I said, "Well I grew up in a small town in Indiana, so- " "Really?!! What town?"  Relax, kid.  Don't try so hard.  When I say Bloomington he lights up, "I just graduated from there!" It's crazy how Bloomington people show up all over over the country.  I have friends here in Houston who have never left Houston their whole lives but Bloomington is like a springboard flinging townies all over the place. 

He gets us in line to bat at homeplate.  But when Max goes up, the cameras go nuts.  He and Jameson are some of the tiniest guests and their wearing their "Beat Cancer Baby" T-shirts.  Craig Biggio stops and walks up to Max and helps him figure out if he's a lefty or not.  He's showing him how to swing.  He's spending a lot of time with Max.  I know all the parents felt like Craig Biggio liked their kid the best.  Except he totally loved Max the best. ;-)  I look up and Max is on the Jumbotron.  He hits and Craig says, "Run Max!" So he does.  He doesn't understand first base, so he runs and runs and runs like a tiny Forest Gump past the base, into the outfield, tiny little legs just pumping like a crazy cartoon.  I think, "Oh please don't let that be on the jumbotron." But no.  Camera guy thinks Max is hilarious and follows him the whole way as Craig and I yell, "Max!!! Come back!!"  

Mick takes us to the outfield to hit some balls.  Both Max and Jameson are weilding bats, so you know they aren't going to focus on hitting a stupid ball when they can swing at each other.  Max side-glances Jameson and WHACK! Clobbered Jameson right in the forehead.  Laughter erupts from the infield.  Everyone's looking at us.  I look up and we're on the jumbotron again.  ...that camera guy... Where's that pile of bats again?!!  

Speaking of camera guys.. one of them was a friend of a friend who works for the local CW news.  He wanted to do a snippet of Max so we talked to him for a minute and I thought, "Cool! Maybe we'll even be on the news!"  

We got to eat in the luxury area, take pictures and get autographs with Craig Biggio and just had the most amazing day ever.  When it was time to go, we were walking down this long hall to the exit and Max says, "Did you see that Mommy?!! Did you see me?!! I had SO much FUN!!!"  Ugh.. I almost cried right then.  

That night my phone blows up with people telling me they just saw Max on the news.  He was on every single channel AND the Houston Chronicle website.  It was nuts!  Just awesome.

The next night - last night - there was a fundraiser for the Sunshine Kids.  They wanted Max be the face of the organization.  Also, would you mind speaking about Max and the Sunshine Kids?  "Sure!" I said, as though I didn't have major social anxiety.  I didn't know what I'd say until the morning.  I was going to break their hearts and have them smile about it.  When I was done, I saw a lot of hands wiping tears away.  We got a big round of appause.  When it was time for an auction, people were bidding $500 - $1000 on wine and beer.  Sheesh, if only I could find a job doing THIS! LOL!  A guy walks up to us after spending a lot of money on a wheelbarrow of stuff and says, "I bought that thing because of you guys."  and slaps Kelly on the back.  So we had a great day because of the Sunshine Kids on Tuesday and hopefully helped raise some money for them on Thursday.  It was an amazing, wonderful, joyous two days that we really haven't had since the beginning of the year.  I'm so grateful today.  

Here's the link to his newsclips, if you want to see.

This is one with Jameson: