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Keegan/Marshall’s Story

Hi we're Keegan and Marshall we're 5 yr old twins. We have a 6yr old sister, Kami. Our Mom, Mae and Dad, Kenny.  This is our page to share our journey's with all of our family and friends.  I am Keegan and when I was 3 months old I was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, a type of cancer.  4 cycles of chemo & 2 surgeries later I'm No Evidence of Disease been NED for a YEAR NOW! But still get scans every 3 months to make sure! I am Marshall, shortly after I turned a year old I was diagnosed with a seizure disorder, Partial Complex seizures.  I'm on a med (Keppra) that helps with my seizures, I'm doing really good! Thanks for the prayers!Keegan was born 4/27/09, he was "baby B" his twin brother Marshall was born 2 minutes before him.  They were a wonderful pregnancy, and an easy delivery via C section.  Though Keegan did have some issues breathing at first but they were handled right away and he was fine.

When Keegan was around a month old we noticed his tummy enlarging.  We thought it was gas and changed his formula, it didn't help.  At 2 months his tummy was huge and he had a hernia.  His pedi wasn't concerned, I was terrified.
  • On 7/11/09 I took Keegan to the ER they did an xray and CT scan and sent us straight to the Univ. of MO Children's since they saw he had an enlarged liver.  We were there for nearly a week.
  • On 7/31/09 Keegan had a liver biopsy and was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma 4s (he was just 3 months at the time). The cancer had started on his Adrenal Gland which was hard to see at the time due to his liver being so enlarged.
  • Monthly urine tests showed things were fine, but on 10/22/09 we learned his primary tumor was growing and he needed immediate surgery. So on 10/30/09 he underwent a major surgery to remove as much of the large tumor as they could.
  • 11/9/09 Keegan started Cycle 1 of chemo (3 days)
  • 11/30/09 Keegan started Cycle 2 of chemo (24 hour)
  • 12/13/09 Keegan was in the hospital with a fever spike, scans showed chemo was doing it's job.
  • 12/21/09 He started Cycle 3 of chemo (3 days)
  • 12/25/09 back in the hospital with a fever spike and pneumonia was home 2 days before New Years.
  • 1/11/10 Started Cycle 4 of chemo (3 days)
  • 2/2&4/10 Scans showed things looking good
  • March and April Urine tests looked great
  • 4/27/10 turned a year old
  • 5/4&6/10 Scans looked great and urine looked great, we got the news that Keegan could get his port out.
  • 6/21/10 Keegan got his port out.
  • 7/10 Keegan's Urine test looked great!
  • 8/24-26/10 had a CT scan which showed slight enlargement of spleen & liver, and 4 lymph nodes near his intestines.  MIBG scan that there were NO active cancer cells in these areas, all was NEGATIVE.
  • 8/26/10 NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE!! Yay! But he still  goes every month for urine tests, and every 3 months for scans.
  • 6/2011 2nd year Relay 4 Life
  • 7/31/11 2 years since diagnosis
  • 8/5/2011 ONE year NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE!!
  • 11/2011 Still NED!
  • 2/2012 are next scans!
  • 7/31/2012 3 year cancer diagnosis anniversary!
  • 8/2012 2 years NED!
  • Feb. 2015 will be 5 YEAR SCANS!!! Praying for NED!!!!
Marshalls last Neurology appointment (nov. 2011 was great to)! Marshall is 5 years old and ready to start kindergarten and STILL REMAINS SEIZURE FREE!!!  
  • When Marshall was around 10 months old we noticed he was having what seemed to be night terrors.  It was scary, nerve wracking we figured it was just a phase.  Around then we noticed (though we think he had been doing it longer) that he was starting to "zone out".  His eyes would roll up in his head, he'd blink rapidly, and he'd freeze.  He'd stop doing what ever it was he was doing. He didn't react when you said his name or touched him. They were over almost as soon as they started.  It was hard to tell if he was just being silly at first if there was an actual problem.  Upon talking to his pediatrician we got him in to see a Neurologist. After some testing he was diagnosed with Partial Complex seizures.  He was started on Keppra to help with the seizures that happend quite often throughout the day, everyday.  Marshall has under gone CT's, MRI's, and an EEG.  Scared the little guy to pieces.  Marshall is very shy, and has a lot of stranger anxiety and doesn't do well in large groups.  But he is the cuddliest sweetest boy!  He was "baby A" when the twins were born. 
    Marshall has been diagnosed with his siezures for a year now. He still has a break through seizure when he is sick, but none when he is feeling well.
I have 3 amazing wonderful strong children! They have been through a lot the past 2 years and never cease to amaze me! The boys LOVE Airplanes, trains, cars and trucks, out space, DINOSAURS, books, bugs, and playing outside! Typical little boys! My daughter loves Princess stuff, bugs, being outside, dolls, and riding her bike! Nothing slows these kids down.  I am truly blessed.Thank you everyone for your prayers and kind thoughts these past 2 years!

THE BOYS ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO STARTING KINDERGARTEN FALL 2015! Healthy and happy and smart as can be.  They are energetic, fun loving, little boys whom I couldn't be prouder of!