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Relay 2014

It's been a bit (a long bit) since I've updated, and I know I forgot to update on how Keegan's last scans were.  They went great, and he doesn't have to go back for scans until February 2015, and if THOSE scans look good, then he will be DONE with his scans! He will still go in once a year for urine labs, but will be DONE with the scans.  Of courser we continue to ask for prayer that those scans in Feb. of 2015 WILL INDEED be clear and still NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE!

Keegan and Marshall turned 5 years old on April 27th.  They had one awesome Ninja Turtle birthday.  We thought for a bit the party MIGHT get cancelled due to severe storms, and our power went out ever so briefly, but thankfully the power came back on and their party was able to happen in full swing, and they had a blast. 

The boys just finished up their last year in preschool and will be starting KINDERGARTEN in the fall.  Hard to believe! Seems like just yesterday we were hearing the words "Your son has cancer" and now we're going into "The boys are now in Kindergarten!" 

A lot can happen in 5 years. 

July 31st is coming up soon, which means Keegan's 5 year cancer diagnosis anniversary is looming right around the corner. I didn't know what was going to happen 5 years ago.  SO much could have happened in those 5 years, and so much DID happen in 5 years.  So many amazing things happened, and for that, I am so thankful.

Back then, we just thought day to day, week to week, month to month.  We didn't think too much farther ahead than that, because we didn't KNOW what was going to happen, and we didn't want to plan ahead too far.

Now days?  It's still kind of the same thing.  We live in the moment.  We enjoy life.  The future will happen, it will come to us tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that.  We are happy in knowing that God gives us a present every morning, by letting us live in the PRESENT, in the then and NOW.  Living in the moment.  Enjoying the life we've been giving.

On Friday Keegan participated in his 5th Relay For Life.  We've participated in our local Relay For Life these past few years, and while I may not agree with the amount of research money the American Cancer Society puts into Childhood Cancer, I do NOT have anything against the SURVIVORS at the Relay and we feel Keegan should be there, because he IS a survivor.  He doesn't walk for just himself, he walks for all of the kids that can't.  To remind people "Hey! Kids get cancer too!!"  You'd be surprised how many looks we STILL get at the Relay each year.  "He had cancer?"  Yep, he was born with it.  "WHAT?! Kids are born with cancer?"  They can be.  "What kind did he have?  Was it rare?"  Actually, Neuroblastoma is NOT rare contrary to what they tell you. Childhood cancer in itself is NOT rare.  (I continue to fill them in on the FACTS of Childhood Cancer), and just how awesome it is that Keegan CAN participate in his 5th year of Survivor Laps. Every year Keegan beams with pride during that lap, and EVERY year....Mommy cries.  I cry for all of the families that have lost a child to cancer, I cry from the MEMORIES of everything we have been through with Keegan, I cry HAPPY tears too! Thinking about how far he has come.  So many feelings and emotions run through me during that lap, and as much as I try NOT to, I can't help it...the tears come and spill out.  Keegan just looks at me like I'm crazy for crying.  ;)  That's ok though!

We're set for a pretty busy summer.  The kids are playing Tball this summer, and I am their coach.  Eeee yipes! Don't ask how that happened! The kids are all doing good though, I'm proud of the whole team.

We're looking forward to the carnival coming up, and hopefully taking the kids to a local zoo this summer, or maybe to some cool caves in a nearby town.  We're still deciding what our family vacation will be in July. Last year we went to the Omaha Nebraska Zoo, and I don't think anything can top that (aside from going to Disney World, which will not be happening anytime soon).  We've thought about going to Lego Land, the boys are sooooo into Lego's right now, and there is a Lego Land about 3 hours or so away from us. We're just playing it by ear right now.

The kids are all excited for school to start back in August.  Kams is officially a first grader now and Marshall and Keegan are now Kindergartners, so that's exciting!

My niece had the surgeries on her hands (FINALLY) to help give her more function out of them.  (She was born with a genetic disorder that altered how her hands and feet were developed).  She does really good and gets around with no problem! She's a tough kid that's for sure! She'll turn 2 in July.

My cousins son Roger, who had a big surgery for Hyptoplastic Left Heart Syndrome and had a REALLY rough time with that surgery it was really touch and go there for awhile, is doing pretty good at the moment.  He's a tough kid! He's home and doing well.  He's excited to start preschool this fall! 

My kids got to add another cousin this spring.  My baby sister had her first kiddo in March.  He is the cutest little guy!  He's healthy and happy and giving his mama a run for it ;) 

My sons will be graduating out of the Parents as Teachers program in the fall, and that's a bitter sweet moment.  We've been in that awesome program since I was pregnant with my daughter, and they are such a great group of people.  Going to really miss seeing our PAT Educator for our monthly visits! The program was a great resource, especially while Keegan was going through his chemo and Marshall through his seizures, they really helped me with information on how to help them and make sure they didn't  get far behind.  They did still get behind in their speech development, but I think that would have been unavoidable (their Daddy always dealt with speech issues so we think they would have had those issues no matter what), though they are doing really well with it!  All three kids have come a LONG way in their speech over the past few years.  I loooove hearing them talk to each other (LOL Even when they are arguing) At least they finally have the words to be ABLE to argue with each other!

We are just enjoying our summer, and just continuing to pray that Keegan stays no evidence of cancer, and that Marshall's seizures stay gone (he hasn't had a seizure in like, 3 years I think).  Marshall doesn't have to go see his Neurologist anymore either, which is pretty awesome.  We just have to watch him for seizure activity, which he's good to go there!

They've had great doctors, but God has certainly been with them, and we are so thankful. I don't think there are enough thank you's in the world to ever say to fully let people know how thankful we are for their prayers and kind thoughts for our sons (our whole family really) over the past 5 years!

Mae :)