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On June 22nd, 2012 I received the news that would forever change my life:  "Mrs. Miller, I'm so sorry but you have breast cancer."

Having lost a cousin at age 39 to breast cancer, I've always tried to keep a close check on any physical changes that may need evaluating.  On Monday, June 18th, I scheduled an appointment with my family doctor, Dr. Lara Pons at Mt. Pleasant Family Physicians, to take a look at a lump I had found on my right breast.  After examining and telling me that it did not feel like anything to worry about, she went ahead and scheduled me for a mammogram and ultrasound later on that day just to be sure.  After the mammogram and ultrasound, Dr. Jones came into the room to show me that the lump that I found was, in fact, nothing to worry about and that it was just tissue.  I was so thankful and was ready to get back to life as normal.  However, he wasn't finished.  He then continued to tell me that he believed Jesus was looking after me because while they were zoning in on this one particular area which turned out to be just tissue, he found another place that wasn't tissue or a cyst.  It was a tumor and I never even knew it was there.  Upon hearing those words, I crumbled right there with my mother looking on with just as many tears streaming down her face.  Everything went blank.  I could no longer process what Dr. Jones was saying to me.  All I could think about was my 6 year old little boy, my 9 month old little girl, my loving husband, and my wonderful parents that I would soon be saying goodbye to due to this terrible disease that took my cousin at age 39 and now me at 36.  It wasn't long though until I heard Dr. Jones competing for my attention by aggressively speaking my name over and over again while staring into my tear-filled eyes.  He knew that I had completely tuned him out and was pleading with me to come back to reality.  After getting my emotions somewhat under control, I heard him say that the tumor was very small and, again, it was a miracle they even found it. 
I was scheduled for a breast biopsy the following Wednesday morning with Dr. Jon Fromke and was diagnosed with breast cancer two days later by a phone call from my navigation nurse, Mrs. Cindy Wise. 
The hardest part so far has been when I told my husband and my parents the news.  I'm convinced the only thing worse than being in my shoes with this disease, is being in my husband's or my parent's because they love me so much and are absolutely devastated.
Thanks to the prayers from my family, friends, and church-family, I truly believe that God is going to allow me to fight and defeat this cancer.  Let the battle begin...


Summer Miller posted a new journal entry, "ALL DONE!!!!".

Yes, you heard me right...  I am officially DONE WITH CANCER!!!  On December 26th, I had my last surgery which consisted of port-removal and final reconstruction.  It ... Read more

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Hi Summer,That is a wonderful Christmas gift. I am so excited fro you! God laid it on my heart to pray for you when you first started posting. We have a group of Christian ... Read more

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I am so inspired by each message you submit! And if God ever puts this obstacle in my life I most definitely will be part of your ministry. You have been an inspiration to ... Read more

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Summer, Thank God from whom all Blessings Flow. You are and still an inspiration to everyone you know and have met through this journey.  I thank God for allowing you in ... Read more

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God has truly blessed you and your family with strength through your ordeal this last couple of years. So happy to hear its over - DONE!! Thank you Jesus. My prayers have ... Read more

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God Bless you and your family, prayers that you will never have to go through this again. You seem to be a very strong person and the good lord helped you through this!! Read more

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Life here has gotten so busy but when I got an email seeing your latest post,I cried.How blessed you are to have kicked this horrible disease in the butt but sadly we ... Read more

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summer ,  I am happy that your done with cancer! you will have the best year in 2014! best of luck to you in 20141 hope  you  kick cancer for good ! blessings to ya ! Read more

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