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Susan’s Story

Hello friends and family, welcome to the CaringBridge website for Sue Halverson.
Currently Sue is in the ICU at Abbot Northwestern Hospital.  She is being treated for right sided heart failure and pulmonary hypertension. The doctors are working very hard to get Sue's pulmonary pressures lower in order to get her on the heart transplant list. At this time it is uncertain if Sue will be leaving the hospital until she receives a new heart. 
Please feel free to visit this website often to read about the latest updates on Sue.  Please leave messages in the guestbook.  She loves to get messages from all her friends.

Latest Journal Update

Homeward Bound

Yep, that's right. The trach is out and Sue will be going home on Friday. She is doing very well, however her blood gas levels are still a bit elevated. This is normal for her. We believe she will have a sleep study conducted shortly after going home. This is through a separate facility. Once this is complete they will determine if she needs to have a CPAP machine at night. If I was a betting person I would wager $100 on her walking out of that study with a new CPAP machine. But I am not much of a gambler. :)

we are now excited to get her home to get stronger. And then get her up to the lake where she can relax.

Thanks again everyone for the updates in the guest book, all the emails, and the tributes (donations) made on behalf of Sue to caring bridge. Our family is so grateful to have family and friends like all of you.

Enjoy the rest of this gorgeous summer. Stay healthy.
Peace and love to you all.