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We got great news today that Stuart's MRI was "clean." Whew. This is the longest we/he's gone between MRIs since Stuart was diagnosed and we were definitely anxious. We were prepared for a lot of tears and fights today but Stuart really surprised us. It helped that Stuart was able to go under with gas before the put in his IV. This was a first. The IV is usually the biggest battle and they put it in upstairs in the "day hospital" before sending us down to the MRI suite. I spoke with Stuart's nurse who was with him during the MRI and she laughed that Stuart totally spooked the anesthesiologist.  Apparently he thrashed around for two seconds while they were putting on the gas mask. They were scared and asked if Robby who was there too, was OK. His nurse told the MRI team that they clearly had never witnessed Stuart getting stuck with a needle or getting an IV because this was by far the easiest, most smooth experience. I'll never forget the time Stuart was getting one of his experimental radiation treatments in which a large needle filled with radioactive iodine + the 3F8 antibody was stuck into the port in his head. I held down one arm, Robby the other, one nurse had his right leg, his oncologist had his left leg and the nurse administering the radiation had to literally climb over us on to the bed and straddle Stuart's head. He fought us so hard. We were really thankful that we didn't have to battle Stuart today. We were also reminded of how far Stuart has come since he finished treatment and how much he has changed. All of the receptionists, doctors, nurses and child life specialists who saw Stuart today were blown away by how big he is, how much his face has changed...they greeted him like a rockstar and at one point he was surrounded by 6 team members all beaming with pride and joy. I think Stuart actually blushed at all of the attention. Today was a good day. 

On Friday I'm hoping to bring Stuart to visit his brothers on the Columbia football team. They are a special group and they've organized the 2nd annual "Jacked4Jaclyn" event to raise funds in support of the Friends of Jaclyn Foundation. I'm hoping Stuart will help me cheer them on and won't get too shy without big brother Bo by his side; he'll be stuck at school. I also want to mention a former teammate Alex Gross '11, who is playing pro football in Austria and has started a fantasy football fundraising effort to support pediatric brain tumor research. These guys are amazing. The Bronxville varsity women's lacrosse team is also planning a Friends of Jaclyn game day on May 10th. We are celebrating Stuart's birthday that day but I'm hoping Stuart can meet some of the girls at practice one day. I'll just have to assure him that they'll be different from the girls his age --they won't be all dressed in pink and talking about princesses -- or else he'll refuse to get out of the car! If your spring is anything like ours, we know you're busy. But you have our sincere thanks for taking a moment out of your day to think about Stuart and other children just like him who continue to battle this disease. Thanks always for your love, prayers and support.