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By — May 10, 2012 10:56am
Hey Stu,
It is Rafael Lopez, one of your "big brothers" on the football team. I apologize for not beeing on here more often. Stopping by to say hi and check how you are doing. I hoe your mom, dad, and brother are doing great. I get to see my family sunday. I am graduating next week so I ma really excited. I miss my family too, so I am happy i will be able to see them. I am going to miss you and the rest of my teammates. i am sure you have expereinced it, but football is a great way to make friends. I made a lot of new ones here at college. It will be hard to say bye to my brothers.I just want to say it was a great pleasure and honor to meet you and your family. I still remember the first day you walked into our locker room. do you? it was an exciting moment for all of us. You my friend are a warrior!!! do not let anyone ever tell something different. It takes a strong person nside to keep fighting the way you have been. I am proud of you and hopefully ill be able to see you soon!
Rafael #84