Make Sure Steve Is Not Alone This Holiday Season

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By Sue Volkmann — Dec 6, 2013 5:12pm
Blessings to you, Marcia, as you face the holiday season as a single and not a couple.  May God in His wonderful grace sustain and care for you, so that you may indeed delight in the joy of the season and the Incarnation.  I'm sure that in sharing your journey and pain and hope.....that many others (especially women alone) will be comforted in their journeys, knowing there is a God who cares about them personally.  

Craig Barnes in his book, WHEN GOD INTERRUPTS, reminds me again that I'm not the author of my life, but I have a choice as to how I will live it.  
Knowing what I remember about you,  there is much of life to be lived fully and joyfully as the grief diminishes, but not the sweet memories of Steve.

Love and God bless,
Sue Volkmann