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On Sunday June 26th, Steven was participating in a motocross race when he crashed resulting in head trauma. EMTs rushed him to TMH from there he was flown to St. Mary's. He has not been diagnosed with any other injuries except for extensive swelling and bleeding from several areas of the brain. He is in critical condition. All prayers are welcome.  Updates will be posted as frequently as possible.
Kailee, Carson, Pete, Carol, Sarah, Emily and family



15months 5 days

Oct 1, 2012 10:25pm

Steven continues to fight for his recovery and although the progress physically has been slow, he still moves forward.  Steven's cognition amazes me and his positive outlook on life is something we can all learn from.
Last week an acquaintance came to the house to say he realized his drinking had turned into a problem and he wanted to apologize for any wrong doing that he may have done through the years.  Steven looked the guy in the eye and said "apology accepted.  An apology is not needed because you have never done anything to me, but I can tell it is important to you, so for that reason I accept it."  I was amazed at Steven's insight to what the person was saying and why he was saying it, but then the guy went on and after awhile he told Steven; "I sit here and look at you.  Your a wonderful person and you struggle to get through the day, and then I look at my life and feel bad because I have wasted a lot of years.  I wish I could go back and change everything."  Steven look the kid in the eye and said, "wishes are not for the past.  Yesterday is gone, Today you live, and tomorrow you wish and hope for."  That kind of blew me away and gave me a few tears.  The acquaintance was also impacted by Stevens words and he said, "your my hero Steven, your incredible."  Steven said, "Nah, I am just the guy that has to get up everyday and look in the mirror, and then I have to tell myself that today I am going to do the things I can do and not worry about what I can't do."
There are some days that are hard for Steven and he lets things get him down but  he always moves on and tries to do better when the next moment comes.  He no longer wishes for the old life; that was yesterday but he hopes that tomorrow he can start a new one.  He misses his son, he misses his job, and he misses just hanging out with friends, but he has not lost any of them, he just needs to adapt to a new way of living.

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