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14 1/2 months

It seems like forever since I have made an entry.  Steven continues to improve and it is through prayer and unconditional kindness and love from everyone that he makes this remarkable journey.  Steven and his father have been traveling an hour away to a nearby town that has a swimming complex, and Steven has had incredible success with walking around the pool.  The pool has a "lazy river" and he makes several laps walking against the current.  Steven has been wanting to go down the water slide and last week his father helped him up the three flights of stairs and he went down it, all the spectators were very impressed
Steven has been attending several weddings this summer and his friends Cody and Olivia were married yesterday, he had a great time and enjoyed dancing in his wheel chair with the bride and a few friends.  The connections are coming slowly but he has come so far.  There is still not much use on his right side but with his determination and the fabulous therapist that work with him he continues to make progress.  Steven started horseback riding therapy and not only is that bringing enjoyment but it was very successful in having him keep his spine straight and he held onto the reigns with his right hand. 
Stevens is off of all of his medications except for something to help him sleep at night and another medicine to help control his acne, for some reason he has a hard time with skin balance and no one is sure why this happens with some brain injury patients and not others..
We continue to work on speech because Steven has most of his cognition back but because of his difficulty with communication people tend to think otherwise.
Stevens father and I continue to work on letting him be a 22 year old adult and Steven enjoys the time he goes off with friends for drives or attend wedding receptions, and other parties by himself.
Thank you to everyone who continues to keep him in your thoughts and prayers and we will be sure and pay it forward.
Love the Sharp family