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Day 243

I Know I have not been doing the best of job by keeping
everyone updated on Steven’s progress but we appreciate the continued prayers
and all of thoughts and concerns that are passed our way daily.

Steven continues to work hard in therapy and because it has
been such a slow process, we have to remind ourselves at how far he has come.  He dresses himself in the mornings, does his
own teeth and washes his face, and he does most of the eating on his own with a
little help with some of the more difficult foods.  He spends at least once a day using a “hemi-walker.”
 It is a long slow and painful process
for him to take the steps using it but the main point is he uses it.  His right side has not made the connections
that we have been hoping for but in the mean time he is building up strength
and muscle and works on balance.

Steven is talking about selling the dirt bikes because he
knows he will never race again but he also worries that this will be the final
piece of his past that he has lost.

He is starting to get tired of hanging out with mom and dad
all of the time so he has gone on several outings with one of his friends, they
have gone ice skating a couple of times (Steven stays in the wheelchair while
others push him on the ice,) and tonight he went to the movies.  He is anxious to get back to work and said he
knows he could sweep floors or wash parts, I told him to practice sweeping my
kitchen floor first and we have plenty of things to wash, someday he will get
there but right now his main job is to heal and get better.

People often wonder how the rest of us are doing and I am
not sure if they believe us when we tell them that we are wonderful.  It is true that we get tired and have our blue
moments but for the most part we take every day one minute at a time and adjust
to the changes that have come our way.  Pete
(Erney) continues to be the main caretaker and stays at home with Steven.  I am changing jobs and moving from case
management in the public health arena to Social Service director for our
long-term care center.  This change will
not get us the health insurance benefits that we need but it does offer us
additional finances.   Steven’s son
Carson is doing great and the same holds true for his two sisters and nephews.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Steven and we
love the prayers and positive thoughts that are sent his way.


The Sharps