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week 34

Today was stevens 22nd birthday.  twenty two years ago we brought Steven home from the hospital and carried him into his room and tucked him sweetly into bed.  Only a few weeks ago we brought him home from the hospital in Denver and carried him into the same room that we did in 1990 and placed him gently into bed.
Many years ago we knew we would only have Steven for a short time and God gave us the honor of helping him become a wonderful man and human being, the same holds true today as we hope that in a short time we will accomplish what needs to be so he can go and make his way in the world once again.
Steven started celebrating his birthday on friday and had guest over for cake, cheesecake, and an entire table filled with food.  Today his sister baked another cake as more friends came and reminisced.  He ended the night playing cards with a couple of friends and the game came down to a fun war of who could cheat more. 
This week Steven continued with home health therapy and his Physical therapist left the hemi-walker at the house so he could continue to master the art of it.  He is able to make a couple of rounds a day with one of us helping him balance.  Although it is a slow and painful process he continues to try and try and try, I do not think I have ever seen anyone strive and persist as hard as my son does, he is a remarkable young man.  A friend of his made him a pillow and sewed the initials NGU in it, she said it stands for Never Give Up, I think Steven understands and gets the true meaning of that phrase.
Goodnight all,
Love the Sharps