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day 228

Steven has gotten really good at texting on his phone but I have been notified that he now text people at different hours of the night.  Steven is adamant that his phone stays with him in the room and so we talked about self control and not disturbing other people with phone calls and text.  His social life is taking a toll as he realizes his friends have
their own lives and he is unable to participate in it like he used to, I
have faith that he will be able to start anew and find
ways of coming to terms with what was and look forward to the
possibility of how all of them can interact now.
Yesterday he had some great therapy sessions with Chris and Michelle from the memorial hospital.  Steven had some additional movement kick in on his right hand and although the movement is minor we are all excited that this is a new connection and hopeful that there will be more to come.

Good night all,
Love the Sharps