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Steven’s Story

On 8/13/12 Steven & his brother Aaron were in an automobile accident. Aaron didn't survive the accident. Steven sustained a severe TBI. He was airlifted to CRMH where he was on a vent, underwent a craniectomy & medically induced coma.  On 9/7 he was transferred to Shepherd Ctr in Atlanta, GA for rehab until 10/6.  He began outpatient rehab at Pathways in Decatur, GA on 10/8.  Steven left VA not being able to sit up, he left GA walking unassisted! A MIRACLE! His recovery is one day at a time with God, Mom, Dad, Aaron, family & friends.  

Latest Journal Update

Back To School

It's that time of the year...Back To School!  As Steven went off to Virginia Western on Tuesday morning I found myself feeling like a very proud Mom!  And yes, you know I wanted to snap a pic but I refrained for Steven's sake!  The last time he returned to class he had just went through his second cranioplasty.  This semester he returns with a cast on his arm but that didn't change his determination!  As he went out the door, he was all smiles!  As Steven was getting ready bright and early happily whistling through the house I couldn't help but stop and think about how many students he will encounter that wish they weren't in college, totally going through the motions and maybe even taking every minute of the day for granted!  As I hugged Steven bye I immediately prayed for his safety and that God would put the right people in his path.  There are so many of us that need daily reminders of no matter what we go through it could always be worse!  As the morning progressed I spent more time praying for Steven...eventually I found myself in a puddle as I thought back to 3 years ago when all we were asking for was for Steven to take his next breath, returning to college was no where on our radar!  So thankful for our faithful God.  He hears our prayers and answers in His perfect timing!  We are beyond excited to see what God has in store for Steven as he continues to push forward every day without complaint! 

Steven continues to recover well.  He is counting down to his appointment on Monday.  The cast will come off & he will begin working with his hand therapist.  My heart went out to him as he shared a recent dream of having total hand movement after the cast was taken off.  As his Dad and I reminded him we know anything is possible with God!  Just seeing thumb movement from the last cast that was removed was a reminder that God's got this...in His perfect timing! 

I was going to share something totally "deep" from my heart, but in light of yesterday's horrific tragedy I just feel the need to ask that we all continue to pray for Adam and Alison's families.  Hearing about the deaths of these young adults hit home so close for us.  Steven went to school with Adam.  They were in photojournalism together.  Steven shared one of his favorite memories of Adam was going to NY together for a photojournalism field trip.  That contagious smile of his sure reminds us of our Aaron's smile!  Adam's dad was Aaron and Steven's Guidance Counselor in High School.  I remember how pleasant he was to work with and still remember that he always had a smile on his face as well...we know where Adam got that smile from.  As someone that can relate to such a heart breaking loss.I look forward to reaching out to these families in the near future in hopes of being an encouragement.

With that said and my weepy eyes needing a break I will leave you with...

I truly hope that today you hugged tighter & longer, said I love you often, granted forgiveness, was more patient, offered a smile to someone in need and above all thanked God for the blessing of another day with those that you love.  Today, right this minute is all that we are promised....please make it count! 


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4 Comentarios

Nancy Anderson
By Nancy Anderson
He is an unbelievable person. 💛💛
Robin Kidd
By Robin Kidd
Beautifully said... Praising God for Steven's recovery. He is truly a walking miracle and a positive force showing God's power and glory.
Kathy Tafoya
By Kathy Tafoya
Love you guys!! ❤️❤️❤️
Karen Hale
By Karen Hale
So very thankful for Steven's continued recovery. We need not look far to find someone hurting.
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