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Steven’s Story

On 8/13/12 Steven & his brother Aaron were in an automobile accident. Aaron didn't survive the accident. Steven sustained a severe TBI. He was airlifted to CRMH where he was on a vent, underwent a craniectomy & medically induced coma.  On 9/7 he was transferred to Shepherd Ctr in Atlanta, GA for rehab until 10/6.  He began outpatient rehab at Pathways in Decatur, GA on 10/8.  Steven left VA not being able to sit up, he left GA walking unassisted! A MIRACLE! His recovery is one day at a time with God, Mom, Dad, Aaron, family & friends.  

Latest Journal Update

Thanksgiving and Answered Prayer

In my head I know the reality of Thanksgiving being only a week away, but my heart is not cooperating.  As I've mentioned many times this was Aaron's favorite time of the year.  He loved hunting and adored Thanksgiving.  His precious memories are everywhere.  We have been asked about our plans and have graciously received invitations.  Our tentative plan is to stay in town this year spending a quiet day together doing what we can to bring honor to Aaron's short  life while creating new traditions.  There are lot's of colliding emotions daily, but more so with holidays.  There's no right or wrong when it comes to grieving.  One day at a time!

Speaking of Thanksgiving...we do have something very important to share in regards to being thankful!  We have shared info with you about Constraint Induced Movement Therapy.  We're so proud of Steven's efforts regarding getting into the program at the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine.  Dr. DeLuca has confirmed that she will be outlining an individualized plan specifically for Steven beginning in March.  This will mean Steven committing to 3-4 hours a day, 5 days per week for up to 3-4 weeks of intense therapy using only his affected arm while his unaffected arm is in a cast.  Due to the time commitment Steven will have to take next semester off so that he can dedicate January and February to getting physically prepared.  He will spend more time using the Bioness, doing regular E-Stim, bumping up his stretching routine along with other exercises that Dr. DeLuca prescribes.  It's a huge time commitment, but if anyone can do it we know it's Steven!  The BEST news is prayers have been answered regarding funding!  We knew upfront that insurance would not cover this therapy.  We were originally quoted $15,000 and was thrilled when we heard that since Steven's program will be developed for him outside of the traditional setting we would be looking at around $5,000.  I immediately started contacting some resources requesting financial assistance and just this week God answered our prayers with a phone call letting me know that $5,000 would be made available towards this therapy.  Happy dance & tears as we thanked God!  All the credit goes to Steven for finding the program, being so darned determined to stay in touch with Dr. DeLuca and being willing to make the necessary sacrifices.  As a parent you want the very best for your child.  We want Steven to be able to take advantage of every recovery resource, but as we have learned there are many resources that come at a cost that limits us from providing.  This doesn't mean we give up!  I'm so thankful for our community of support including organizations that are willing to invest in Steven's recovery.  We know for a fact that this particular decision involved someone knowing Steven's dedication, determination and desire to do the work with the understanding there are no guarantees.  I'm sorry to go on & on, but wow, this is big for Steven!  If you haven't guessed we're proud parents....not to mention SO very thankful!
It's a peaceful feeling to receive answered prayer especially at a time when we really needed some encouragement!  Note to self:  We can never give up.  God is not on a timetable when it comes to His plans.  We must keep our faith.  I must slow down and wait on Him remembering how things turn out when I attempt to get ahead of His plan!  Even in the midst of immense pain from missing Aaron, our desire is to always take time to count our blessings.  I know Aaron wouldn't want us to "skip" the holidays.  He is with us every day.  Thinking of Aaron every day brings both smiles and tears.  Just this week I was going through recipes and found a recipe that his Grandma Sharon wrote out for him...the title "Cooked Squirrels" made me smile as I remembered how excited Aaron was to have the recipe.  He even tried to talk me into making it :)  That's our boy...always making us smile! 

We wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving.  Please don't rush through the special holiday.  Take time on purpose to truly count your blessings.  The sunrises and sunsets have been beautiful lately...how many have you captured?  With all the hustle and bustle Thanksgiving will be over in a blink and everyone will go directly into preparing for Christmas.  I'm thankful that through this journey we have learned the lesson of being a "Noticer."  Our focus is more on being in the moment, being less materialistic and most of all not missing any opportunity to give that extra hug, always say "I love you" and forgive freely. 

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!  Happy Thanksgiving. 

Tomorrow is a New Day...

I lift up my eyes to the hills from where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord the maker of the heavens and the earth.Psalms 121:1-2

Sometimes we do not feel like we want to feel.
Sometimes we do not achieve what we want to achieve.
Sometimes things that happen do not make sense.
Sometimes life leads us in directions that are beyond our control.

It is at these times, most of all that we need someone who will quietly understand us and be there to support us

The Lord is saying....

I want you to know that I am here for you in every way, in every situation, in every perplexity, every turmoil and confusion that you go through, I go through with you, you are not alone, and remember that though things may be difficult now – tomorrow is a new day.

By Joshua Chin Hong Lim


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3 Comentarios

Robin Kidd
By Robin Kidd
Wonderful news! It is such a blessing to read about Steven's determination. He is an encouragement for all of us as we whine about whatever small task we may be facing. Keep up the good work, Steven!
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Kathy Tafoya
By Kathy Tafoya
Wow!! Such wonderful news!!! What a huge commitment from Steven. Of course, he can & will do it!! He has serious determination!
As for your colliding emotions.......that must be such an understatement. Always inspired by the three of you......love & hugs.
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Nancy Anderson
By Nancy Anderson
So happy that Steven is able to receive the new therapy he needs. This news will truly make for a very happy Thanksgiving. It's great that you will have the help to pay for this. That's wonderful. We all know that Steven will ace this therapy!
Have a wonderful Happy Thanksgiving!
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