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  • Our Health Magazine Article

    Written Apr 15, 2014 12:51pm

    I am attaching the link to the Trauma article featured in Our Health Magazine (http://smcclintic769411.uberflip.com/i/291903). It was surreal as I went through the interview process with Becky Blanton and was the same for each of us as we read it.  We truly didn't know ALL that was involved in the trauma of that evening, but we do know God was there....for example, had the weather been different the helicopter couldn't have landed.  The right people were in place from the first critical moments and remained in place during Steven's miraculous recovery!

    Recently Steven asked some very hard questions regarding the accident.  Hearing him ask these questions hurt my heart for many reasons.  I know for him like us he is trying to make sense out of this life changing event.  As we explained to him, even if we knew what happened that night it wouldn't change anything.  We have to keep our faith, trusting God especially on those "I can't do this" kind of days and wait on Him to show us His plan!  Aaron is with us every day and one day we will be together again.  Aaron touched lives through his brief but AMAZING 26 years and is continuing to do just that through his journey to his Heavenly Father!  Our prayer remains that our story can somehow be an encouragement to other hurting hearts. 


  • Steven's Birthday

    Written Apr 15, 2014 8:43am

    We hope you are enjoying the beautiful spring season!  Yes, even the spring rain is worthy of being thankful for! 

    Quick update and note of thanks!

    As always Steven's Botox injection appointment is painful for me to watch.  Steven was amazing.  When I hear him say, "Oh Wow!"  I cringe because I know with his high pain tolerance these simple yet powerful words speak pain!    Steven feels like his fingers are a little looser.  This week at therapy will be the real test!  I will keep you updated!

    Great news!  The Friends of Man application will finally be emailed by the end of today!  What a time consuming process, but hey we are hopeful that the outcome will be positive!  Keep the prayers flowing please! 

    I followed up on the leads that have been sent to me on CB and email (thank you).  While some are age restrictive, it's always worth checking into!  I'm waiting to hear back from some others.  I'm also working with Steven's Case Manager on another lead.  Never a dull moment! 

    This week is a rare treat!  Steven only has therapy and school!  Happy dance! 

    We can't believe Fall semester registration is Friday.  Steven has his classes picked out!  Ready to roll!  Go Steven!  We haven't heard from the DMV yet.  I'm thinking we will receive paperwork for the next step by the end of the month.  Steven is being very patient which I'm very thankful for....I'm trying, but the anxiousness is what it is!  Deep breaths!

    Steven's birthday:  I have received many requests for our address for sending cards to Steven on his upcoming birthday!  Thank you!!!  If it were up to us as parents we would celebrate our miraculous son in the biggest way possible on every birthday, but Steven unlike our Aaron is not a spotlight person.  That makes me smile, because with Aaron it was always the bigger party & crowd the better!  He would always be the center of attention :)  The truth is every day of Steven's miraculous life is a celebration!  As we watch him work so hard every day we are reminded of not only how far he has come but also the lives he has touched without even knowing it through his inspiring dedication and determination.  I remember at the Shepherd Center after we had to share the news about Aaron's death Steven spoke the genuine heart touching words that he would get better for his brother!  Touched our hearts then and does the same now as we see him staying true to his words in so many ways!  While we don't know birthday plans this year, I know as a family we will make Steven's day special while always finding a way to include our Aaron in the celebration!  For those requesting our address:  1393 Fieldgate Road Salem, VA  24153 

    I always look forward to checking in, but my break is over!  Duty calls!  Please keep in touch!  We know life is busy, but hearing from you is always an encouragement to us! 

    As you know holidays are challenging for us, but I have so many ideas for this Easter weekend to include Aaron in every minute!  I feel peace when I cook his favorite meals, we go to his favorite places together and we take extra time to share our favorite Aaron memories...ALL of which we plan to do this weekend!  We wish you and your family a healthy and happy Easter as we all take time to remember and be so very thankful for His death & resurrection! 

  • Mom's therapy time

    Written Apr 8, 2014 9:05am

    I hope you realize by now how important sharing with you is to me.  It truly is my therapy!  As we go through our days it's without fail something happens causing me to think I need to share that with our CaringBridge family!  Please stay in touch.  We always enjoy hearing from you!

    Thanks for sharing resources to contact in regards to seeking financial assistance for the Bioness Arm System.  I appreciate the information!  I told Steven today that I need an assistant to help me keep everything going!  I have to do major prioritizing each day.  I know I could be doing so much more if only I had a few more hours in the day! 

    We are enjoying the warmer temps.  The guys have been helping me get my flower garden cleaned up.  Looking good!  Always does my heart good to spend time outside appreciating nature.  Steven & I especially enjoy sneaking in a walk along the Greenway after therapy.  As we walk along the Roanoke River we talk about Aaron as we observe fishermen enjoying the water's treasures.  Aaron truly enjoyed fishing this time of year!  He kept a fishing pole in his vehicle at all times....just in case :)

    Steven is looking forward to wrapping up his spring semester & plans to thoroughly enjoy his much deserved summer break!  He continues to inspire us!  His dedication to doing whatever it takes to recover is a daily reminder to us that we can't give up!  Steven recently posted this on Facebook....worth sharing!  Go Steven!

    When you are eating healthier, exercising regularly, and practicing stress reduction, you not only feel better, but you're able to make better decisions."

    You might be surprised & thankful that you didn't hear me stressing out about obtaining Steven's Botox for his appointment scheduled for tomorrow.  When the nurse called asking if we have Botox, it felt good to say, "Yes!  We are ready!"  I thought ahead and was successful in getting the script filled before Medicaid expired on March 31.  When I say expired, I mean it expires until we meet the out of pocket spend down amount at which time it will be reinstated for another six month period.  Yes, we have learned the system and this time it did pay off!  Dr. Mowery's plan is to focus on injecting in the areas that will hopefully loosen Steven's fingers.  This should allow more manipulation during his OT sessions and during his at home exercises. 

    I'm always respectful of Steven's privacy before I share updates.  He asked me to share that he has an MRI scheduled for Friday.  He hopes the MRI will provide his doctor with some answers regarding issues he is experiencing.  It is very frustrating for TBI survivors as they wait for physicians to figure out if their issue is TBI related or not!  Again, I'm thankful Steven is an active advocate for his health! 

    Bioness Arm System Update:  After receiving the official verbal denial from Anthem I began working with Keith (Steven's OT) on the Friends of Man application for financial assistance.  It's lengthy, but coming along.  We are so thankful for Keith's assistance.  After reading the draft he sent me to review I was left thinking there is no possible way that a person at Anthem can read the letter and still stamp "denied!"  Here are a couple of statements from Keith's letter that touched my heart causing the proud Mom tears to freely flow:  While this process has come at a great cost (financially, physically and emotionally) for both Steven and his family, Steven has remained motivated and optimistic regarding his recovery, frequently stopping to offer words of encouragement and support to other patients who are not as far along in the recovery process.

    In the course of our work, we meet people who have a special, intangible quality … people who, despite their own adversity, not only work to better themselves, but also act in selfless ways to better those around them … Steven is just such a person.

    Yes, indeed we are so proud of Steven!  When I say he keeps his parents going, it's so very true.  And of course Aaron is so proud of his brother for so many reasons! 

    Driving Evaluation:  As predicted Steven's driving eval went well!  Part 1 consisting of cognitive and physical testing is complete with a thumbs up!  He did a brief behind the wheel with the instructor & of course did very well!  She has submitted her approval paperwork to DMV.  Upon receiving their approval, he can begin Part 2 which involves completing behind the wheel eval.  Listening to the instructor talk to Steven about adapting to driving with one hand reminded me that I take too much for granted!  As always, making the necessary adjustments to getting back to driving will not slow miracle man down at all!  He will be my chauffeur soon! 

    It's hard to believe Easter & Steven's birthday is coming up!  It seems like we just celebrated his miraculous 23rd!  We have decided to plant Aaron's live Christmas tree at the accident site during Easter weekend.  Planting his Christmas tree there is just another small way that we feel we can bring honor to his memory.  So many of his special friends live in that area...when they see the cross and tree may they be reminded of special memories of Aaron.  Speaking of special...we always attempt to keep Aaron's Place looking special.  We added an "Aaron approved" flag last weekend:  http://www.legacy.com/guestbooks/aaron-myers-condolences/159225665?eid=sp_gbapprove

    I must share that I was recently point blank asked how I can be happy & find joy after 8/13/12.  It's not easy!  We have to make a choice every single day!  When we look at Steven we're reminded that we have so much to be thankful for.  When you lose one child and watch your other fight for his life you are left with a totally different perspective on living life to the fullest.  I take time to count my blessings even when my heart is hurting so badly that taking my next breath is difficult.  We focus on the happiness Aaron brought into our life and we cling to our memories as if they are our life preserver.  Aaron would want us to be happy & to live life to the fullest.  While we as a family & individually attempt to make sense of the accident we do know analyzing changes nothing, but it's human nature to want answers to our many questions.  We know the accident had to pass through God's hands and we trust He has a plan.  He is okay with and expects us to ask questions.  As long as I breathe I will experience colliding emotions of missing Aaron and cheerleading Steven's along.  My hope is that as we continue this journey we can help others.  With daily asking God for strength, there is life after the knock on our door.  It's a totally different life that we are still adjusting to.  The importance of being happy and finding joy has been & continues to be critical in Steven's recovery and in the ongoing healing of our hearts. 

    This devotion was timely for me.  Maybe someone reading my update needs this reminder.

    We become hopeless when we can see no escape from our situation. We despair when it seems impossible that our circumstances will change for the better. But if God desires to do so, He can make a way. As Job stated, "I know that you can do all things; no plan of yours can be thwarted".

    God specializes in resurrections. He can bring life to dead relationships. He is the Creator; He can cause loving feelings and attitudes to be created out of nothing. He can transform people and situations in ways that we are unable to foresee. He can do it. If your situation seems hopeless, if it seems that nothing short of a miracle can save you, then you are in luck. God is able to do whatever it takes to fulfill His plan for you.

    "God will make a way, Where there seems to be no way,
    He works in ways we cannot see, He will make a way for me; He will be my guide, Hold me closely to His side,
    With love and strength for each new day,
    He will make a way."

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