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Tuesday, December 31

Finally, after 83 days in the hospital, Sven was discharged today.  On this last day or 2013 he came home to stay.  Brenda, David and I went in to have lunch with Sven after he had a full morning of therapy.  After that, we decided that Sven should have his dressings changed for the last time here at the hospital. Fine.  So, guess who gets to do the change for a little more experience: me.  Anyway, we finished that experience, got Sven all packed up, and checked out before 5 PM.

So, what is Sven doing tonight on his first night at home?  He's going out to celebrate New Year's, of course.  He is just going to a small party at a friend's apartment.  After hearing repeated warnings from his mom and sister about all the dangers that could happen to him--"a drunk could fall on him", or "he could get squeezed too hard", etc.--I can imagine how glad he is to be out in the company of people his own age.  And I am sure he will be extra careful to guard his health tonight.  I am expecting him to be back soon after midnight to tell us how enjoyable an evening he had.

And I wish to him, as well as to all you readers, a happy and much more healthy new year.