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Monday, December 30

Well, Sven says he slept well last night.  And he didn't have to get up until 9:30 AM.  Such is the easy life at home.  It appears he liked his overnight visit.  We returned to the Knapp Center at about 11 AM so he could continue his daily therapy schedule.  David and I re-joined him for dinner to see how the rest of his day went.  We found out definitely that he will be discharged TOMORROW.  It seems there is no specific schedule--whenever we get here and pick him up, they will let him go.  We are potentially planning to come in at about noon and have lunch with Sven.  From there we will go through whatever motions are necessary to bring him home.

So it appears that tonight will be Sven's last night in the hospital.  He has worked hard on his recovery, he has had excellent care, and now it will be time to go home and start the next phase of his life.   It will still take a lot of effort on his part to maintain an effective therapy routine to bring his body back its normal operating range.  But I am sure he can handle it.  We'll have more news about his progress tomorrow.  Thanks for reading this.  

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Denise Tennen
By Denise Tennen (Ari's mom)
Jacqui Botman
By Jacqui, Mike and Olivia
Fantastic news - well done Sven on your progress. All the best to you all for the steps ahead of you. xx
Jolene balsimo
By Jolene