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Sunday, December 29

It's turning out to be a pretty good day today.  Sven and I started out watching the Vikings game at the Knapp Center--the game turned out good too.  But we realized if we were going to get out of downtown with any efficiency at all, we had better get going before the game ended.  So we both jumped in the car and headed home.  Tonight is the night of Sven's over-night home visit.  This is a trial run, I guess, to see if we can handle all the tasks necessary to take care of him at home.  Most of the day went pretty well:  Brenda and David are visiting and the 5 of us sat and played some board games, then we watched a little TV.  It is now time for Sven's bath and dressings change.   He is getting so independent that he won't accept any help bathing himself.  So I have to wait for him to finish so I can apply my skills that I learned from the Knapp Nurses.

It all actually went pretty well.  We got all the right type of bandages in the right place.  We got the right lotions put on correctly, and we didn't have any spare parts left over.  Now comes the challenging part--getting Sven up tomorrow morning to eat breakfast, get dressed (warmly), and get back to Knapp for his PT and OT sessions.  This really is a drill for what it will be like when he moves home for good.  I hope we can pass muster.   Thanks for reading along.

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1 Comment

Jacqui Botman
By Jacqui, Mike and Olivia
WOW - fantastic progress - well done to all concerned. How exciting Sven to be home overnight - all the best and we look forward to reading more on your great progress :) Happy sleeping xx