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Saturday, December 28

Our family has taken to split visits lately.  This afternoon David and Brenda visited with Sven for a couple of hours.  And I came in time for dinner again.  But this time I had to earn my meal.  Sven decided to do his bathing and dressings change before dinner, and his nurse suggested that, since he is coming home tomorrow for an overnight stay, I should probably get some more practice with applying his bandages.  So I proceeded to do all the cutting and saturating and wrapping tonight.  Of course, Sven does so much of the work himself now that he makes the job feel easy.  When we finished the dressings we had our late dinner and were joined by Sven's old neighbor, Sarah.  We spent some time talking about how we are going to negotiate Sven's departure tomorrow, with the Vikings last game in the Dome happening right across the street.  Maybe we should stay and watch the game before we go.  Thanks for reading this.