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Thursday, December 26

The day after Christmas--and things are back to normal again.  Sven is getting awakened early for his 7 AM breakfast.  Not so much construction noise this morning though.  Then came the 2 hours of OT and 2 hours of PT.  June and I attended his last PT session, and Brian said that Sven continues to work hard on his therapy.  He said that Sven has developed some positions and procedures which will enhance his recovery if he continues to use them.  After his therapies, our family had a brief meeting with Dr Tomkin  and Barb the social worker.  We had a number of questions about Sven's future treatment and his future financial status.We much appreciate the help the people here are giving us.

Again, we all shared our meals with Sven for his dinner.  We each got a tray delivered to his room similar to the tray he received.  After dinner, Brenda and David left for an engagement, and Sven, June, and I settled down for a nice nap.  That lasted until about 7 PM or so, when the nurse awakened Sven to prepare him for his bath and dressings change for the day.  That was a queue for us to leave so we ended our day together.

Thanks for reading this.