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Wednesday, December 25

For the first time in almost 3 months, Sven got dressed and came home today.  But it was just for a day visit.  We picked him up after lunch, got him all bundled up, and brought him home.  Surprisingly, he had sessions of both OT and PT in the morning.  I guess that's an indication of how dedicated these people are--that they forego their holiday to come in and work with their patients.  Anyway, our day at home was pretty quiet.  We sat around and had snacks, then played some board games (and watched the Yule Log channel on TV), then we opened gifts and watched TV for the evening.  Both Brenda and David and Sven are big fans of the Doctor Who series on the BBC channel so we continued to watch the latest output of that series through the night.  Matter of fact, Sven was due back at about 8 PM, but we called the Knapp Center and asked if we could postpone his return until the show was over.  This is a big thank your to Nurse Robin, who adjusted her schedule to allow Sven to stay out until almost 10 PM before she helped him with his shower and dressings change.  This was most appreciated. 

I must say, in watching Sven's return home, that he is most determined to accomplish his rehabilitation.  He would not allow anyone to do the things he could do for himself.  That goes for putting his outerwear clothing on, opening presents, eating, etc.  He was almost downright stubborn about doing things himself.  I really admire the attempt he is making at getting his life back to normal.

So, our family has had a Merry Christmas, and I hope all you readers have had successful holidays yourself.  Thanks for reading this.

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Chris Botman
By Chris Botman
Wonderful to hear. Merry Christmas to you all. Xox Chris and Renee.
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Jacqui Botman
By Jacqui, Mike and Olivia
Hi all, glad to hear you all had a Merry Christmas - pretty special that Sven was able to be home with you. Great news .... keep up the great work, Love from us all here in Christchurch
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