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Saturday, November 30

Sven had a pretty busy day this last day of November.  For a weekend day, he had double sessions of both OT and PT today.  In the first PT session he walked around a bit and even tried climbing some stairs.  His structure was performed well enough, but a guy sure loses a lot of strength after lying in bed for 7 weeks--he was able to encounter 7 - 8 stairs before he wore out.  For one of his OT sessions Sven took a reading comprehension test, following simple instructions written on a sheet, and a visual memory test.  He passed both tests adequately.
Patty, the OT today, saw that the neck brace he was using wasn't doing him much good in terms of keeping his chin up and stretching the skin on his throat.  She manually made a different brace which pressed against his skin more and holds his chin up firmer.  (She called it the 'watusi', I suppose because it looks like the high necklaces that some native women wear.) 
Sven and I spent the evening watching Ted talks and a "Spirit Science" series that he likes on You-tube. 
Thanks for reading along.