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Friday, November 29

We came to visit Sven right at his 5 PM dinner time today.  We had to wake him to eat.  It appears that he is having some active days now with two OT and PT visits per day.  I was surprised to see that Sven was back in his old purple wedges again--apparently the new fiberboard wings didn't work so well last night.  They need to be adjusted more to keep from digging into his torso when he is trying to sleep.  Sven is eating completely independently now.  He needs no help at all to open the containers and cut the portions into smaller pieces now.
Sven mentioned that he heard that he may be transferred from the burn unit to the Knapp Rehab Center next week.  I think this is a promising advancement that the hospital people feel that he doesn't need the additional attention to his burn wounds that the burn unit provides.
Sven received a visit from his friend Joe, the astrologer, tonight.  Joe had received more information about Sven's birth date and time and was examining what may have been happening astrologically when Sven had his accident on 10/09/2013.  He had several possible explanations of the data he acquired.  Since Sven had other company June and I decided to leave early tonight.
Thanks for reading this.